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Best Parental Control Applications

In our world today, it seems that a kid has access to smartphones quickly as soon as they start knowing the alphabets. The internet can be a good or a wrong place for kids. It is good since your kids can learn new things. Unfortunately, individuals on the platform will take the slightest opportunity they have to take advantage of kids. Parents have the responsibility of keeping young children safe as they begin using the internet through various gadgets. It is important to be aware of the life of your child because even knowing the child’s requests for searching on the Internet, you can find more points for communication. For example, if a child is looking for “where to find someone to do my homework for money“, then your child has a request for help with studies, and you can help as no one else.

In ensuring their safety, you do not have to be going through their mobile phones every day or be watching over their shoulders whenever they use the mobile phones. Luckily for you, there are numerous safety and monitoring websites and applications that you can use as a parent to assist you in protecting your children without violating their privacy. The following are the applications that can work for you alongside their advantages and disadvantages.


Spyphone application is the world’s leading application in this category in both iPhone and Android. The application has many features to help a parent get updates on their child’s behavior online. The app assists you in tracking their location and also allows parents to do a background check on the kid’s contact lists. Why is it the best application? Spyfone is free, very effective, and simple to use. The convenience comes in when you can use the app both on your desktop screens and mobile phone. The app does not have a tracking feature for social media platforms. However, it has a reliable GPS that stands out from all the other monitoring apps. 

Screen Time

It is an ideal application for those parents who want to limit their children’s internet usage. It has a system that allows you to the screen time for some chores and behaviors. The application has a user-friendly interface that enables those parents who are not tech-savvy to use it. Apart from the seamless handling access, the application offers no other feature. One needs a pricey fee to get access to the Geofencing tool. The application is hardly functional on devices that run on iOS as of now.


The application has an incredible design and a tremendous app-blocking feature. It works in Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS, making it easy to manage both your kid’s laptop and mobile phone concurrently. The app’s primary uses are handling, blocking, and limitation of online content from remote places. The only social media platform the app monitors is Facebook. Unfortunately, the application is costly, so not all parents can factor them into their budget. The app is, however, reliable, fast, and simple to use.

Net Nanny

The application has solid geofencing features and countless filtering alternatives, making it a decent software for monitoring. The most significant selling point of it is the ability to customize the features it has. What does this mean? You can use different rules for different kids according to age. It is best for children who use are not much active on the internet.

Kaspersky Safe Kids

The application has a lot of praise, just like Kaspersky’s antivirus software. The app allows parents to connect to unlimited devices. In addition, the accuracy of the Geofencing tools and GPS it provides makes it easy to protect your children no matter the location they go.

On the downside of the app, it has connectivity issues with the majority of iOS gadgets. It is not a free app but relatively cheap when you compare it to Qustodio. The app has limitations when it comes to some operating systems and browsers. 

Comparison of the Applications.

When it comes to availability, Kaspersky and Screen Time work best on Android, while Qustodio, Spyfone, and Net Nanny work well for iOS and Android.

It is only Spyfone that comes free among all the apps above. Net Nanny and Qustodio are very expensive, while Screen Time requires extra payments for a parent to access its advanced features. Kaspersky is the cheapest here.

Screen Time is the only application with a reward system. Qustodio is rich in features but has limitations when we talk of social media monitoring and tracking. Spyfone has no social media monitoring features, but it has a superb GPS tracking tool.

As a parent, you have to do proper research before settling for an app to use for parental control. The idea is that parents should monitor their children to ensure their safe upbringing.



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