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Best VPN for Streaming 2023: Discover More with Our Top Picks

Discover the best VPN for streaming in 2023. Our top picks provide fast, secure, and reliable access to your favorite content.

When you outfit your device with a VPN, there is no need to be constrained by what you can access and watch, regardless of where you are. The best VPN for streaming will be able to unblock services that are otherwise blocked, whether as a result of government-instigated censorship or content that is only available in specific geographical areas. It will also be able to secure your connection while you stream.

How do VPNs work with streaming services?

Since there are so many options, it would probably be quicker to list only the services that a VPN cannot unblock.

Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Peacock, BBC iPlayer, Sling TV, DAZN, YouTube, Disney Plus, Fubo, All 4, and a plethora of other domestic networks can all be unblocked using a VPN, according to our testing and personal experience with them. We suggest choosing a VPN that offers a risk-free, free trial if you’re a little unsure and don’t want to commit to a service before knowing whether it will work with your preferred streaming service.

Express VPN

Finding the best streaming VPN is made incredibly simple with ExpressVPN. It unblocks virtually all of the main global TV streaming providers and always seems to be one step forward in their attempts to stop you from starting overseas. No problem, BBC iPlayer, and Hulu are simple, Amazon Prime Video Include services like ITV Hub, All4, 9Now, and 10 Play.

Express takes streaming seriously because it provides customers with access to its Media Streamer tool, which was created specifically to make accessing content from other countries even simpler.


  • Unlocks most major streaming services
  • Quality mobile clients
  • Consistently fast performance
  • Wide range of servers and locations


  • A bit expensive


The most well-known private security network is allegedly NordVPN. It supports all widely used operating systems and IP changes, with protection for up to six devices at once. You can access your VPN almost anywhere thanks to the more than 3,600 servers located around the world.

The dual encryption methods that support Bitcoin expenses are two excellent features that attract many customers to NordVPN. Peer-to-peer capabilities, high speed, and an instant kill switch are also available in this VPN.

NordVPN is regarded as one of the best and most well-known brands in the VPN industry and provides numerous simultaneous connections with six connections over the network. The business also provides a specific IP-changing option for a different VPN connection.


  • Connection logs were null.
  • Powerful threat and malware defence
  • Guaranteed 30-day refund


  • Six connections are possible at once.
  • Customer assistance can be challenging to reach because it doesn’t cycle through dynamic IPs well.

Read More about NordVPN in detail.


Best VPN for streaming (2023)
Best VPN for streaming (2023)

The services offered by CyberGhost go beyond VPN for their customers. Additionally, it includes a system that guards against fraudulent websites by comparing the address to specialised databases. Similar to Google, it keeps an eye on URLs linked to malware downloads and other nefarious activity.

Additionally, users can play online games and stream Netflix content using CyberGhost without experiencing lag. Despite being first made available in 2004, CyberGhost has since expanded its capabilities and reached a new degree of development. Updates and patches are used to continuously introduce new features as the business strives to provide the best user experience.

256-bit AES end-to-end encryption is supported and allows for the simple connection of five devices simultaneously. Protection from DNS leaks, high speed, and unlimited storage are further features.


  • Unreasonably many servers
  • No-logs rule
  • Guaranteed money-back for 45 days


  • Significant speed reduction
  • Only available through online chat

Mediocre ad blocker


When we last tested Surfshark, it successfully unblocked Netflix (in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and more), Amazon Prime, Disney+, YouTube, and BBC iPlayer. As a result, it is now a top contender in our comparison of streaming VPNs. In addition to ITV Hub and All4, we also tested several other providers, including 9Now and 10 Play from Australia, and they performed flawlessly.

Surfshark has also shown himself to be exceptionally quick. In our tests conducted in October, Surfshark rose to the top of the list and was able to equal TorGuard’s peak download speeds of 950 Mbps. Whether or not you wish to stream in 4K, that is quick and fantastic news.

In addition, Surfshark is very user-friendly, which may imply that it lacks some capabilities that power users might need, and it offers pretty good help if necessary. fantastic decision.


  • The most competitive prices are available.
  • No limit on the number of streaming devices
  • Supportive live chat service.
  • Extremely quick


  • Several bells and whistles are missing.

Wrapping up

The benefit of VPNs is that they give users protection, privacy, and independence without breaking the bank. A VPN will hide your IP address and secure your internet traffic, so you can browse the internet with confidence. Yes, some VPN services are more expensive than others, but to choose the one that gives the greatest value for your specific needs, you simply need to consider the advantages and disadvantages of each service.

Since we have done considerable research to determine they are the best of the best, we recommend using one of the best VPN services on our list. However, feel free to conduct your research as long as you abide by the advice we have provided.



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