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How to become a BlockChain Devloper? | Carrer in Blockchain Devlopment

Blockchain is one of the best technology that we have to use in our online works. Blockchain is more secure then normal technology & it makes us anonymous to any company.

Want to become a Blockchain Devloper then you are at right article. Today we are going to discuss about How you can start your carrer in Blockchain Devlopment.

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is a technology platform that enables us to build trust among people who have never met each other before or don’t share any common interest. A blockchain is a continuously growing list of records called blocks, linked using cryptography, forming a chain. Each block contains a timestamp and link to a previous block, and information about transaction between two parties. There are different types of blockchain platforms, including public, private, consortium, permissioned and hybrid.

How Blockchain Works?

One of the greatest benefits of blockchain is its security. Because it uses encrypted data, the information stored in the database cannot be tampered with; once the record is entered in the blockchain, it becomes immutable. Additionally, when transactions occur on the network, they are logged and publicly shared. Every transaction is verified by the system, which makes sure no double spending occurs. The system verifies transactions are legitimate and then adds them to the blockchain. After the verification is complete, the newly added transactions are secured using cryptography, and cannot be altered or deleted.

Why use Blockchain?

The biggest advantage of using blockchain is its transparency. Blockchain provides individuals with real-time access to the information. As a result, users can verify transactions without needing to look elsewhere.Additionally, when it comes to financial services, blockchain helps reduce costs, improve efficiency, streamline processes, and make the whole operation safer.

How to become a Blockchain Devloper?

  1. Start learning about cryptocurrencies Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies that rely on cryptography to secure transactions, control the creation of additional units, and verify the transfer of funds. Cryptocurrencies were invented as open-source software projects; they can be freely copied, distributed, modified, and shared, and their design is publicly documented via websites and live chat groups. The name crypto derives from cryptography, since cryptocurrency designs use cryptographic techniques to protect financial transactions. When miners perform complex analyses of proof-of-work (PoW) schemes, they confirm each transaction receives a time-stamped timestamp called a block reward. New coins are created when a miner finds a solution to a computationally difficult puzzle, known as a hash problem. As of February 2017, there were over 1,500 unique cryptocurrencies in existence.
  2. Become familiar with Ethereum blockchain Ethereum is an open-source technology platform based on blockchain architecture. It was developed by Vitalik Buterin to provide programmers with tools to build decentralized applications. Users employ smart contracts to codify conditions between two parties into code without risk of fraud or third-party interference. To prevent fraud, a network consensus protocol ensures only valid transactions are added to the public ledger. In October 2013, the year following the release of its white paper, Ethereum had the largest crowdsale in history, selling 5% of its total supply. The initial coin offering generated $18 million. On 16 April 2014, the Ethereum project launched version 0.8 of their software. By June 2015, Ethereum had the largest market cap of any public web application at around $1 billion. In January 2016, the platform went live with the launch of Ethereum Mainnet.
  3. Understand Bitcoin Bitcoin is a type of digital currency that uses peer review to regulate the generation of units and validation of payments. Bitcoins have three qualities. First, they are divisible down to 8 decimal places, nearly one trillionth of one bitcoin in size. Second, they have a maximum issuance rate of 21 million bitcoins. Third, they are scarce and non-replaceable. This means the existing supply will never exceed the demand and therefore, no matter how many bitcoins are mined, their value should increase over time.
  4. Build an understanding of Solidity Solidity is the programming language designed specifically for Ethereums virtual machine (VM). It is similar to C/C++ in syntax, semantics, and structure. It supports both object-oriented and functional features, unlike the purely procedural languages Pascal and Modula 2. Solidity provides developers with strong typing features, including compile-time checking of arithmetic expressions and contract access checks at run time. It includes a REPL, terminal emulator, debugger, and graphical interface for testing purposes. It also offers the developer a choice of storage options, including private variables stored on the blockchain, using only memory, or using disk storage.
  5. Learn about DAPP A Decentralized Application is a computer program that runs on a peer-to-peer basis without central coordination or server intermediation. A DApp is capable of hosting a variety of different applications and services across the blockchain network. These apps can be built using various programming languages, frameworks.

What do we need to know before starting a blockchain project?

Before delving into how to start your own blockchain projects, here are some basics about blockchain technology. Most businesses, government entities etc. have been using different types of databases to store information securely. These databases are known as distributed / decentralized ledgers. A ledger is a list that stores records of transactions, payments, or data items. Distributed means that the ledger is stored across many computers/nodes. Decentralized means that no single entity controls the network. In order to keep these distributed databases secure, they use cryptography. Cryptography is the process of converting ordinary messages into codes called ciphertext, and then converting back those codes into plain text messages.

How to start a blockchain project?

With the growing interest among people towards crypto currencies, blockchain technology is becoming more popular day by day. If you want to start your own blockchain project, you need two things – knowledge and skills. You will need to understand the basics of blockchain tech, and you should also have the technical knowledge to develop your own blockchain platform.

Why do we need blockchain?

Blockchain technology enables us to create tamperproof digital ledgers. Hence, you don’t need a central authority anymore to verify the authenticity of the data. Also, if you are looking to build a decentralized application, blockchain is a good option.


In this article we have discussed how you can become a Blockchain Devloper. If you want to be a blockchain Devloper then you should have some skills we have discussed in this article. If you like this article share it with your friends and for any further queries you can comment under this article.

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