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Top 20 Legal Ways to Get Free Discord Nitro

This blog covers all the important aspects related to the top legit ways to get Discord Nitro for free. Discover more.

The top legit ways to get Discord Nitro for free will be discussed below. Larger file sharing, animated avatars, Nitro stickers, a worldwide pass to custom emojis from all the fat people you’re a part of. Server enhancements are just a few of the things you can access with a premium Discord subscription called Discord Nitro.

Despite its many fantastic features, Discord Nitro is not free. The cost is $9.99 monthly or $99.99 yearly. Discord Nitro Basic, a condensed version of Nitro, costs $2.99 per month.

What is Discord Nitro?

Top 20 Legal Ways To Get Free Discord Nitro
Top 20 Legal Ways to Get Free Discord Nitro

Discord is free. However, if you want to access its more advanced features, you might need a Discord Nitro subscription! Although upgrading is not essential because the majority of benefits do not require membership, free users still have limitations.

For example, they aren’t allowed to use the same emoji on two different servers. The free plan also lacks tools for customizing accounts and streaming quality. For users of Discord Nitro exclusively, these capabilities and more are available.

What does Discord Nitro do? You might be asking yourself at this moment.

Discord Nitro is a subscription-based service offered by the popular chat platform Discord. It is designed to provide users with enhanced features and access to exclusive content. With Discord Nitro, users can enjoy some of the features that paid users of other chat platforms may not have access to.

  • Salad

On Mac, Linux, and Windows, you can install the free cryptocurrency mining program Salad. To mine cryptocurrency for you, it makes use of your computer’s resources. Once you start to earn some money from it, you may withdraw your cryptocurrency to a cryptocurrency wallet or use that to buy Amazon gift cards, in-game currency, deals on services like Spotify, or even the Discord Nitro.

Utilizing salad reduces Discord Nitro.

If you have any questions, you should visit Salad’s support page, where you may create an account, begin mining, check your balance, redeem your points, and access further helpful FAQs. Your earning potential increases as your computer’s power increases.

  • Nitro Giveaways

Nitro giveaways take place on a lot of Discord servers. These Discord servers are mostly dedicated to advertising. They also give you nitro in exchange for helping to promote their services. Simply take part in those contests to enter to win the Discord Nitro. 

The possibility of receiving Nitro using this technique isn’t assured because there can be only one free winner in every giveaway.

In any case, the following are some of the top Discord servers where you should sign up: Open Ads, Self Promotion Central, Sound’s Spooky World, and Custom’s Magical World. To prevent bots from joining, the majority of these servers include a brief verification procedure.

  • PrizeRebel can carry out brand-name offers, market research, and more.

Next on the list is PrizeRebel, which also pays you for doing online tasks. By watching movies, taking part in name-brand promotions, and doing market research questionnaires, you may make money on PrizeRebel. You can then trade the points you earn from doing these tasks for cash in your PayPal account by accumulating points.

With the free money you have received, simply buy Discord Nitro. There are a ton of other rewards available as well, such as gift cards for Google Play, PlayStation, Amazon, Walmart, Burger King, and Starbucks, in addition to gift cards for Minecraft Minecoins and other well-known retailers.

  • Discord Nitro is available for free trial.

Only brand-new Discord members can use this feature. The paid subscription benefits are available to you for free for three months if you are using Discord for the first time. The “trial period” is what it is named.

You are now obliged to either select a membership package after the three months have passed or return to the free version. The fact that it doesn’t apply to current users doesn’t change the fact that it belongs on our list of ways for new users to acquire Discord Nitro for free.

  • Discounts

Obtaining Discord Nitro for free through this method is also legal. You’ll have to pay some money for this option, though.

Joining the annual perk is a great choice if you want to receive a few months of Discord Nitro for free. You should budget about $99.99 for an annual subscription. The 2-month free pack is included in this, though. Accordingly, you will receive a 16% discount.

  • Free trial

The Discord Nitro app occasionally offers free trials. Occasionally, when the Discord team is feeling kind, they offer a free, three-month trial of Nitro. When these no-risk trials start, exactly, is unknown. You’ll often receive a Discord notification when a free trial is available. Additionally, you can do so by heading to “User Settings” and then selecting the “Nitro” tab.

Users who have already taken advantage of one free tryout should be aware that they are not eligible for another. On occasion, other services or businesses will provide free trials. For instance, Epic Games once offered a promotion where you could get a free month of Discord Nitro.

  • Promotions

Similarly to the Nitro Giveaways, some businesses will provide free months of Nitro to all of their customers as an incentive or as a welcome gift.Epic Games, for instance, once offered all of their subscribers free Discord Nitro. Currently, if you have Discord Nitro, YouTube Premium is free to use.

Therefore, you can purchase the Nitro for $10 and receive a YouTube Premium subscription for three months, which is worth $33. This is a great deal if you’ve never tried YouTube Premium and want to give it a shot.

Discord is providing YouTube Nitro. Keep in mind that most of these promotions, like YouTube Premium, are only available in a small number of countries.

  • Use Qmee to carry out online activities like online purchasing and internet surfing.

Consider conducting tasks like online research, shopping, playing games on QMEE, and survey taking. You will be paid for performing these tasks on Qmee, and the payment will be made directly to your PayPal account.

The fact that there is no minimum withdrawal amount with QMEE is amazing. So, as soon as you have enough money to purchase a Discord Nitro subscription, you can withdraw it from Qmee! You can use the cash you get from Qmee to get complimentary services.

  • Partner Program for Discord

The Nitro update is free for owners of partnered Discord servers. Your server must have at least 500 members, be active, be at least 8 weeks old, be regarded as a good environment with no foul language, and meet other requirements to be considered for partnership.

Open your Discord server, go to server settings, and then select the Partner Program option in the sidebar to enroll in the program. In this section, press the “Apply for Partnership” button if your server meets the prerequisites listed above. Additionally, Discord occasionally stops the partner program, allowing you to wait and apply later.

  • Respond to the 1Q question.

Try responding to 1Q’s questions as well. You can use this as one of the simplest ways to earn extra money and qualify for a free Discord Nitro subscription.

On 1Q, you will instantly receive $0.25 for each response you make. The money you earn is immediately credited to your PayPal account. You may get a free subscription to Discord Nitro with this money.

  • Participate in online pursuits like online shopping and QuickRewards video watching.

The following item on the list is QuickRewards.This amazing service compensates you for taking part in a range of online activities. This covers things like playing video games, watching movies, purchasing online, and completing offers. Your earnings can be instantly transferred to your PayPal account, where they can be used to get free Discord Nitro.

Because QuickRewards allows you to withdraw your earnings as soon as $1 is in your account, you can do so as soon as you have earned money to pay for a Discord Nitro subscription.

  • Complete the Toluna surveys.

If you don’t mind sharing your opinions, you can think about participating in some of the surveys on the website. We’ll pay you using your PayPal account.

Using the money you earn from taking Toluna surveys, you can get a free Discord Nitro subscription.

  • Watch films and complete surveys on GrabPoints.

You might earn money on GrabPoints by watching videos and taking surveys, for example. The website sends your money right away to your PayPal account, where you can use it to buy a free Discord Nitro subscription.

Other great gaming prizes are also available, like Xbox gift cards, PSN vouchers, Steam gift cards, V-Bucks, Robux, and Nintendo eShop discounts.

  • Download the mobile application.

When you download the Discord mobile app, Discord itself offers you a free month of Discord Nitro. But there’s a catch. It only functions if you haven’t previously installed Nitro on your account or the Discord app on your phone. Briefly, new users

You should notice a pop-up asking you to continue after the initial download. Do not forget that Discord requests your passport information even if you choose not to purchase it. Anyhow, since Nitro is not a membership service, you don’t need to be concerned about subsequently canceling.

  • Events

Discord Nitro prizes are frequently given out during Discord-related events. This is one of the possible ways to receive free Nitro, but it is not a guarantee. For instance, Discord typically hosts parties called “Snowsgiving” for Christmas or their anniversaries. 

Along with the Discord Nitro, these gatherings frequently distribute a large number of free items, such as Xbox, Playstation, keyboards, headsets, game licenses, and so on.However, the chances of winning a prize are the same as in a giveaway.

  • With FeaturePoints, perform a range of online chores.

Additionally, you can try using feature points to finish assignments. By doing a range of online tasks, like shopping online, downloading apps, and referring friends, you can accrue FeaturePoints. The money will be sent to your PayPal account after you exchange the points you earn by completing tasks on FeaturePoints. After that, you can use this money to purchase a free copy of Discord Nitro.

There are now a few more reward options, such as Google Play Store gift cards, Amazon gift cards, Xbox gift cards, PlayStation gift cards, VISA gift cards, and Bitcoin. Except for forcing sporadic free trials, nobody just gives away free Discord Nitro memberships.

  • PlaytestCloud lets you test mobile games.

If you like to play games and are looking for a free Discord Nitro subscription, try PlaytestCloud. Take a look at the non-games as well. PlaytestCloud offers playtesting services for the prototype, development, soft launch, and post-release phases of mobile game development.

You might work for the company as a tester. If you are eligible, PlaytestCloud will email you the eligibility test. You are not paid for the certification test, but it does teach you how to playtest.

If you don’t succeed the first time, you can retake the qualification test. The company will ask you to participate in playtests after selecting you, and you will receive payment.

  • Chat on the servers

Each message you send on a Discord server earns you experience points (XP), which help you level up over time. For each level, a select few servers will offer some gifts, and some servers also offer Discord Nitro as a choice. 

Additionally, some servers, including Planet Roonie, give Nitro to their most active users. Therefore, taking part in such servers can enable you to obtain Nitro for free.

  • Share your thoughts with AttaPoll.

If you agree to share your ideas on AttaPoll, you could get free money toward a Nitro subscription. With the survey software AttaPoll, you may get paid for your opinions. You can choose the length of the surveys you want to complete, which is useful.You are therefore free to participate in quick surveys, for example. 

You can put your income into your PayPal account. After that, you can get a free Discord Nitro subscription using money from your PayPal account.

  • Play several different games on GameHag.

If you want to get a Discord Nitro subscription for nothing, Gamehag is another fantastic resource you can use. Now that you’re using Discord for gaming, it’s clear that you enjoy gaming. 

Gamertag is essentially a rewards website targeted at gamers. Gamertag is an excellent option. There are several game genres, including those listed below, that are available for money play. 

  • Strategy
  • Arcade
  • Puzzle
  • Games of war, action, and small-scale games

War Thunder, World of Warships, and Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming are just a few of the well-known titles available on GameHouse.



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