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List of the Best IT Certifications for all Career Stages

This Blog covers all the important aspects related to the best IT certifications for all career stages. Find out more about IT Certification and its benefits.

A quick and reasonably priced approach to the beginning or advancing in an IT career is through certification. To pursue managerial and specialized positions, these qualifications may concentrate on system and network concentrations or entry-level fundamentals.

Professionals can gain the knowledge, abilities, and credentials needed to enter or advance within the IT industry by obtaining information technology certifications.

Professionals in the IT field are in high demand nowadays and can take advantage of remote work options.

What is an IT certification?

IT certifications indicate a professional’s command of a certain topic, technology, or field. Summarized training and an exam may be included in the credentials, or only one of these elements may be present.

IT certifications can offer entry-level, intermediate, or advanced instruction and credentials.

To enter the IT industry, switch jobs, or develop their careers, professionals can obtain credentials.

The certifications can demonstrate a professional’s proficiency with a particular vendor’s technology, which is quite beneficial to companies that use those practices.

They also exhibit tenacity and a desire for both professional and personal advancement.

1. Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect

Professionals seeking GCP certification should go directly to Google for training since it is a company-sponsored certificate. Google provides several free online training tools, an exam guide, and a practice test for GCP certification.

Finding qualified candidates to fill cloud IT positions is becoming increasingly challenging as more businesses take advantage of the cloud’s capabilities. This need is met by exemplification, which demonstrates that a person is qualified to use GCP technologies to plan, create, and oversee the operation of a safe, scalable cloud architecture.

A person must recertify by taking the exam after their GCP certification expires after two years.

For anyone wishing to take the GCP certification test, Google advises at least one year of expertise using Google Cloud as well as three years of work experience.


  • Demand for professionals
  • Hefty median wages
  • Low price


  • Two-year recertification intervals
  • The comparatively small market share of Google Cloud

2. Python-based IT automation for Google

The time needed to finish: About eight months

Price: Rs 39 monthly

Is an exam necessary? No

With the help of this certificate, prospective IT support workers can learn how to create Python scripts that automate administrative and IT chores. Git, GitHub, IT resource management, and troubleshooting. Debugging are also covered in the programme. No prior knowledge is necessary.

3. AWS Certified Solutions Architect—Associate

Best It Certifications For All Career Stages
Best IT Certifications for all Career Stages

Professionals seeking an AWS certificate should go to Amazon Web Services for cloud-based, which is a company-sponsored certificate. The firm provides an exam guide, sample questions, a practice exam, and other training tools, in addition to examining “one or more years of hands-on expertise creating available, cost-efficient, fault-tolerant, and flexible cloud applications on AWS.”

AWS continues to be the most recognised and commonly used cloud service, despite GCP’s rising popularity. An individual who has earned an AWS Solutions Architect certification has the knowledge and abilities to design cloud-based services, reference architectures, and install systems and applications on AWS.


  • Market leadership 
  • Large median wages
  • Low price


  • To possess the necessary abilities, one needs to have a wide range of experience.

4. Associate in Microsoft Technology

Time required: Variable

Cost: Rs 127

Is an exam necessary? Yes

Fundamentals of infrastructure in areas including hardware and software, networking, Windows operating system administration, and security are covered by Microsoft Technology Associate certifications. 

These qualifications can lead to jobs in desktop, cloud, and server IT administration and support. Candidates for each exam should be experienced and knowledgeable about the key ideas and fundamentals.

Watch now at Microsoft certifications for cloud computing

Users have access to a variety of software services whenever and wherever they need them thanks to cloud technologies. Certified experts in this industry have access to some of the most sought-after computer jobs. Some of the top certifications in this industry are listed below.

5. Information Technology Infrastructure Library Foundation (ITIL)

Professionals seeking an organization-sponsored ITIL certification should look to AXELOS for training. The company’s learning platform, PeopleCert, provides a list of ITIL training programs.

A set of procedures for IT service management called the Information Technology Infrastructure 

Library (ITIL) is focused on matching the demands of businesses with IT services. Its goal is to establish best practices for managing or cutting back on IT expenses, enhancing IT offerings, and balancing IT resources.

The Rs 495, hour-long ITIL Foundation certification exam can be taken online or at a nearby testing facility. An ITIL certificate has no expiration date, and there are no prerequisites for taking the exam.


  • Increased average salaries
  • Choice practices testing
  • Available training
  • Without requirements
  • Certification is perpetual.


  • A little high in cost


The Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect certification is the best overall IT credential available. It won’t break the bank, but certified programmers can anticipate it helping them get a relatively high wage. There are a lot of other possibilities as well, such as the Project Management Institute if you want to brush up on your project management abilities, or ISACA if you’re a safety manager or curious about risk management.



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