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The 5 Best Computer Science Scholarships: Amount and Deadline

This blog covers all the important aspects of the Best Computer Science Scholarships. Read more about the benefits and deadlines.

Graduates in computer science are likely to experience rising demand as computer science technology and systems take over more and more aspects of modern life. Additionally, as this “topic of the future” expands in scope and appeal, there are an increasing number of computer science-specific scholarships available, including financing for study at some of the most prestigious universities in the world.

The scholarships for computer science are listed below.

AACE International

Award Amount: Up to $2500

Deadline: February 28

AACE International, formerly known as the American Association of Cost Engineering International, was founded in 1956 in Durham, New Hampshire, during a gathering of a group of cost engineers who aimed to unite experts in their area. With its monthly technical journal, Cost Engineering, the organization has gained recognition.

The expansion of technical knowledge is given priority, and they have forty years of expertise, providing a range of certifications and professional growth. A range of industries is represented in their diverse membership base.

Students from Canada, the United States, and other countries who are interested in cost-effective education for various future career paths can apply for several scholarships and fund-matching programmes from AACE International. The only prerequisite for applicants is that they must have finished at least one year of college with a focus on computer sciences, building construction, business administration, information technology engineering, or quantity surveying.

The Association for Women in Computing

Award Amount: $2900

Deadline: March 1

One of the first professional associations for women in technology in the United States was the Association for Women in Computing. The AWC was initially established as a regional membership organization for women in the Washington, D.C., metro area. Today, it operates as a national organization that supports local chapters as well as student chapters sponsored by universities. The organization’s objectives include fostering networking opportunities for women in computer science careers, mentoring young women in the field, and advancing and maintaining professional education. These initiatives are vital for women, who are disproportionately underrepresented in the field and may not have other opportunities for mentorship or networking.

The scholarship aims to boost the participation and influence of women in computing and technology. They understand that to do this successfully, they must also pique women’s interest in learning about and using these talents to advance their professional growth and provide more access to women who most need it.

American Association of University Women

Award Amount: $2000-$20,000

Deadline: December 15

17 women who were enrolled in colleges and universities at the time of the founding of the American Association of University Women wanted to support one another as they pursued degrees from institutions that did not value their academic accomplishments. Since that time, AAUW has taken the lead in the country in calling for gender equality in the classroom at all levels—local, regional, and national—as well as on college campuses both domestically and abroad.

Members of this organization have occupied prominent leadership roles on a range of educational, social, economic, and political issues, and they have consistently worked to advance the discussion of educational equity as it is reflected in public policy advocacy, community programs, leadership development, conventions and conferences, partnerships at the federal and state levels, and connections abroad.

The original purpose of the Career Development Grants was to provide “encouragement” funding to AAUW members who wanted to continue or pick up their academic studies. This goal was achieved in 1972. Professionals who want to advance their education in a field where women are underrepresented—just as they are in STEM and computer science—are now seen as having a chance to do so. The grants’ primary objective is to provide funding to women with bachelor’s degrees who are preparing to advance professionally, change careers, or reenter the workforce.

Best Computer Science Scholarships
Best Computer Science Scholarships

Google’s “Generation Google” scholarship

Award Amount: $10,000

Deadline: December 1

Google has come to represent speedy information search, research, and knowledge that is literally at our fingertips. Even though Google only started as a company in 1998, it would take many more years before it became a household name. It’s difficult for so many of us to imagine a world without this multinational search company and its search engine.

As the business grows, it offers an increasing number of web-based and cloud productivity tools, including Google Drive, Google Sheets, and Google Calendar.

The concept that information should be accessible to everyone is one of Google’s most recognisable core values. This ideal, among others, motivates them to help future leaders enter the computer sciences despite the obstacles that frequently prevent students from completing successful educations. The Generation Google grant offers selected students $10,000 for studying abroad in the United States and $5,000 for studying in Canada. 

Google’s Computer Science Summer Institute is a requirement for applicants who want to pursue a career in computers while concurrently enrolled as high school seniors or recent graduates.

IEEE President’s Scholarship Program

Award Amount: $10,000

Deadline: May 1

Since 1963, electrical engineering tradespeople have been members of IEEE, which is pronounced: “I triple E.” It was created on the ship between the American Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers and the Institute of Radio Engineers and is situated in New York City, on the renowned Park Avenue.

To promote the next generation of leaders in computers before the IEEE Presidents Scholarship Program was established in 1999. An honorable project that demonstrates a student’s mastery of the disciplines of electronic engineering, electrical engineering, and computer science qualifies them for this award. 

The Student Before the Scholarship at the largest pre-university scientific and engineering fair, the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF), which is held annually, Before submitting their applications, qualified students must participate in the annual project competitions that are held in May at the state and local levels.



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