Best Mobile Recharge Plans On Airtel Thanks App?
Best mobile recharge plans on Airtel Thanks App?

Best mobile recharge plans on Airtel Thanks App?

There are a plethora of mobile recharge apps that one can use if someone is looking for a simple recharge of their prepaid mobile or DTH services. Some of these apps are more popular than others due to reasons such as safety features, a simple user interface, and cashback rewards.

Considering all of these points, Airtel Thanks App is one of the best recharge and bill payments app that is available to Indian customers. The Airtel Thanks App is not just a recharge and payments app as it can help the customers manage all of their Airtel Related Services from one Central place. One of the best features of the Airtel Thanks App is that it can easily carry out the mobile recharge for the customers in just a few steps.

There are many mobile recharge plans that the customers can use with the Airtel Thanks App and get some of the best benefits. Here are the best mobile recharge plans that you can opt for on Airtel Thanks App.

  • INR 20 cashback plans – Airtel prepaid customers can choose to recharge their prepaid mobile each month with certain plans and get assured flat cashback. The plans that get them INR 20 cashback include plans of INR 149, 179, and 219. The customers need to do these recharges using the Airtel Money Wallet to qualify for the rewards.
  • INR 40 cashback plans – Similar to INR 20 cashback, the customers can also recharge with a few plans monthly to get INR 40 flat cashback. The plans for INR 40 cashback include INR 249, 279, 598, and 698 prepaid plans. The recharge payments must be processed using the Airtel Money Wallet for the cashback to be applicable.

Offers with Extra Data – The customers can also recharge through the Airtel Thanks App to get extra data for their prepaid plan. To qualify for this extra data, the customers need to recharge with a prepaid plan of INR 200 and above. The plans with 28 days validity will qualify to get 2 GB of extra data on top of their usual benefits. Similarly, customers opting for 56 days validity plan will get 4 GB of extra data.

The highest tier of this benefit of 6 GB extra data will be provided to the customer opting for prepaid plans with 84 days validity. The plans that get 2 GB extra data include INR 219, 249, 289, 298, and 349. The 4 GB extra data plans are INR 399, 449, and 558. The 6 GB extra data is included with the mobile recharge of INR 598 and 698.

Airtel prepaid customers who use the Airtel Thanks App and Airtel Money Wallet can get a lot more benefits apart from the cashback and extra data. They can also unlock the Airtel Thanks Rewards using the Airtel Thanks App. The app can also help them stay updated about their active plans through the dashboard screen on the Airtel Thanks App landing page and provide reminders for mobile recharges. The Airtel Thanks App can be installed for free using the Google Play Store or iOS App Store.

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