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5 Best GitHub Apps That You Must Try

Coordinating projects online has become the modern-day of development teams. Why send individual messages regarding updates to separate members of the teams when you can have your very own collaboration tool that helps streamline the whole process for you? 

GitHub is hence one such tool that adds ease when you have to coordinate developing teams and keep the ideas in sync without much hassle. But apart from the tool’s impressive array of features and benefits, there is more you can achieve from it by adding in GitHub Marketplace apps. This helps increase the functionalities of GitHub and seamlessly brings in other tools that add much more to the ease of use. 

However, GitHub is a very popular tool being one of the kinds that does what it does. Hence, there are countless apps that promise to deliver the best increments to their powers, and yet how do you get the very best out of these? To help sort this out for you, here is a list of the five best GitHub apps that will make your life a lot easier and create better results:-



Nothing could be more annoying than losing your GitHub projects and data in error, right?, a GitHub backup software, brings the solution to you. It brings Saas or an on-premise solution that helps secure all your work on GitHub – your reposities and metadata, both self- and cloud-hosted. You can use the software to set automatic and recurring backups – incremental, differential or full copies. Actually you can set the versioning and retention exactly as you need. The software automatically backup your data frequently or as needed be, and hence your public and private GitHub repositories and metadata stay secure, accessible and recoverable from any point-in-time.

The GitProtect software is available directly from GitHub Marketplace to connect automatically and start protecting organizations’ repositories automatically. You don’t need to use it on a daily basis – simply choose a predefined backup plan (a way of protecting your data) or custom your own, run and stay notified. You have access to all notifications settings, audit logs and backup statistics using a simple web dashboard that displays all that you need to know. Behind the product stays Xopero Software – a backup and recovery software vendor with years of expertise and many enterprise-class features as an add-on – like: compression, retention, and encryption settings for marketplace users. 

This backup tool comes with prices depending on the amount of repositories you need to protect and with a free trial option so every single developer can try it and afford it, not to mention enterprises.

WhiteSource Bolt

Need an app to strengthen up your GitHub data security? Look no further than WhiteSource Bolt. The app provides you with real-time security alerts and warnings, so you are warned just when the issue arises. Bolt works without sucking up your device’s power and maintains a thorough vigil for any threats. Its real-time scans mean that the reach of your repository will get five checkups a day regardless of the number of repositories you have. Hence, you will always be warned about soft spots and vulnerabilities that can put you in danger. 

It maintains vigil on dependency trees, reference links and also recommends solutions to see if they actually work for the particular vulnerability. After the scan is over, the app makes a report of the results for you to see. The GitLab app can work with over 200 programming languages and can also target open-source vulnerabilities. It automatically continues to detect issues with CVE, NVD, and the GitHub issue tracker so that nothing misses its watchful eye. 

Code tree

While GitHub helps development teams to come together and bring their vision to life seamlessly, Code Tree, one of the best GitHub tools, helps ensure better workflow management and efficiency. It brings in an excellent solution for tailor-made plans for your business. It can be used to help design, develop, test, and also support GitHub repositories. Its latest technological build guarantees that you get all the aid you for your marketplace.

One of the best GitHub apps, Code Tree, brings about clean, fast, and lightweight coding to your browser of choice. It then helps sync all your repositories from one dashboard so that you can manage all of them from a single place. It can also work on automatic commands to reduce your workload and can work with the simplest drag and drop commands and can hence streamline several projects for you at the same time.


Facing issues with your site’s loading speed? Slow-loading websites can be a victim of your extremely high-resolution pictures, which means you will need to optimize your image size so that your website can load faster. Slow-loading websites are trouble for visitors as they take much more time to open. At the same time, fast-leading websites are frequently visited and add to your conversion rates. But, optimizing your image isn’t a very easy task and will take a lot of time. At such a time, having some GitLab tools to help with this can benefit your marketplace.

Imgbot is a GitHub tool that goes through your GitHub files and implements a lossless compression on your images which means optimized images without loss of quality. Hence, your images become optimized for faster loading websites.

Now, all you have to do is accept the pull request when Imgbot compresses pictures that are in need of optimization. You can choose to fulfill the task manually with each image if need be or even opt for an automated acceptance for all pull requests. Hence, the GitLab tool optimizes your pictures 24/7.


Another time-consuming part of developing code is reviewing it all for errors, checking if it is clean enough and then loading it to the software. However, if you get your hands on a GitHub tool that would do this for you, you can save quite a lot of time that can be used elsewhere. 

Codacy, the best of BitBucket tools, checks for static analysis, cyclomatic complexity, and duplication. It issues to pull requests for you to view when it comes to code abnormalities. In fact, the app can even get a sense of your workload and issue the pull requests in comments to manage your time better. It also helps with ensuring code quality and, of course, runs security checks that give threats if there is a threat. The GitHub tool can support over 20 coding languages.  

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