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Finding the best jobs in tech in 2021

Rapid advancement of modern technology has paved the way for people to kickstart their careers in tech – not just in the UK but in major cities across the globe.

How can we encourage the younger generations to follow their interests in technology with a view to pursuing a career in tech?

A national issue

The fact more than 9 out of 10 people educated in IT are employed in the European Union should demonstrate the value of this transferrable skill. However, of the students in the UK who attend a school offering GCSE ICT, only 11% actually take the subject.

In addition to the worryingly low percentage of children who take ICT at GCSE, there is also a lack of alternative qualifications: GCSE ICT makes up over half of all computing qualifications available at age 16.

Early engagement

Nicki Young, President of tech retailer OKdo, has spoken on the need for early engagement:

“Those coming into computer science roles are required to have a solid foundation of knowledge and expertise that is typically acquired through education. This in turn is reflected in the high entry-level salaries. Getting more young students engaged in this subject early on will be key to enabling this industry’s continued growth, alongside the retraining of people looking for a fresh challenge in a thriving sector.” 

We must introduce children to technical activities requiring analytical thinking and problem-solving before they start school. If the subject is made less daunting by early exposure, more children might choose to take it.

If young people become more engaged in technological learning through interactive toys, puzzles, and games, the booming success of the tech industry will be set to continue. So where are the best tech jobs?

Hotspots for a career in tech

While being highly qualified in computing, artificial intelligence or other technologies could open doors to those with a global outlook for their careers, there’s no shortage of openings in the UK. 

New figures revealed that a boom in tech jobs created almost one in four vacancies in Sheffield last year. With the running theme looking north, one single company will be responsible for creating 1000 new technology jobs in Manchester.

Scotland’s digital sector is booming, with tech roles increasing by over 25% in Glasgow and 30% of all vacancies in Edinburgh being in the tech sector.

In our present economy, young people are much more willing to settle abroad to try new jobs. The demand for tech jobs is high globally, with no shortage of choice for people looking to move away.

Jobs in tech are back on the rise and could be more local than you think.

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