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Best Presentation Maker Review: Details & Features

If you have ever experienced hosting a webinar or presenting a product, you have to make a slideshow presentation to stand out. Here, the good news is that several best presentation maker apps and websites offer exceptional features than the traditional standbys.

In these innovative and best online presentation maker platforms, PowerPoint is on the top of the list. This is due to its exceptional features. It accommodates the specifications that ensure successful communication in one’s circle. However, when presenting in front of colleagues, potential investors or in front of your class fellows, PowerPoint facilitates these all needs. This is possible due to the different types of presentations that PowerPoint offers. Some of them are:

  • Poster presentation.
  • Motivational presentation.
  • Progressive presentation.
  • Informative presentation.

 How to make the best PowerPoint presentation?


If you work in the corporate sector, you probably have a good time looking at presentations built by PowerPoint, and if you are a tech-savvy person, then PowerPoint is the best option because you don’t need to spend huge time learning how to use it. One can learn and master some simple steps to create a presentation that lands masterfully. So, some of the primary and mighty things that can make your presentation persuasive, engaging and influential are as follows:

  • Getting comfortable with the tools:

To create an attractive presentation, one must familiarize oneself with the tools and location. Most of the tools are located on the ribbon on the top of the screen. However, the ribbon is further divided into different tabs that organize features related to those specific options. So, before starting to design the presentation, spend some time exploring the ribbon.

  • Grids and the key ingredients:

The critical goals of the presentation are to create something pleasing and display the relevant information. The grid PowerPoint is the feature that aids you to fulfil these goals at once. It is made up of horizontal and vertical lines, which results in a presentation whose slides are balanced. So, to master the art of best production, learn the use of grids.

  • Appealing visual system:

While designing an attractive presentation, remember that “less is more”. Look for a message that is clear and memorable. All those slides that contain busy design and disturbing font will distract the audience. So look for those colours used in your brand or go for the psychology of colours.

  • Present stunning moments:

The formula to grip the audience visually is to add stunning and attractive photographs. These photographs can be thematic or used as a background to reinforce your idea.

  • Consider the audience:

To deliver a strong presentation, it is essential to know your audience and where they stand in terms of mindset and beliefs. It would help you decide where you want them to be after you are done with your presentation. Moreover, this would also aid you in choosing the information that you should deliver.

When you follow these and other instructions, you will end up with the best presentation of all time. However, the features that PowerPoint offer doesn’t end here. But it does accommodate more attractive features and attractive types of displays. One of the famous ones is poster presentation.

Best way to make a poster presentation


Most people think about creating attractive poster presentations, but sometimes they don’t have enough design. PowerPoint is the best option for such people as it contains several poster templates, plyer templates, and design resources.

  • First of all, sit and decide what is going in the poster. Collect all the necessary material for it.
  • Now, one should navigate to PowerPoint and start with a blank template. Then design the poster.
  • Powerpoint has a maximum size of 52 inches wide and tall. At this stage, you should choose the dimension and size of your poster and design according to it.
  • After deciding the size, you should add the text to your poster.
  • After this, drag and drop each image from your folder to your design.
  • Then adjust the font size, colour scheme, and other relevant stuff to synchronize with each other.
  • Most of the people read the poster from top to bottom. So now play with the items on your sign.
  • If you didn’t have enough design for your poster, use a predefined template for your sign.
  • Now save your file and export it for printing.

Features of SOOMUS 

If you assume that the features of PowerPoint are ended here, you are probably wrong. In the presentation type, one is SOOMUS. It is a supreme video maker tool that enables users to record video and audio of presentations. Here are some of the notable features.

  • It contains different categories in templates to choose a relevant one for their presentation.
  • Different types of modes are also present, like presenter-only and by-default mode.
  • On the lower portion of the right pane, the pointer feature is also present, and one can change the colour of the pointer from the menu.
  • You can also create a virtual background for your presentation.
  • It also contains features of recording the presentation you present with your audience.



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