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How much does it cost to develop a mobile Application?

App Development Cost can vary greatly depending on the app’s complexity, how many features/functionalities it includes, and where the app will be distributed (iTunes App Store vs Google Play). On average, the costs of developing a functional iOS app range between $750 – $10,000, while Android apps cost between $500-$15,000.

What is a mobile app?

The term “mobile” refers to any electronic device smaller than a laptop computer that uses software to run. Mobile applications (or simply apps) connect smartphones, tablets, wearables, computers, cars, thermostats, smart watches, and even household appliances to the Internet. More than 9 billion of these devices have been sold since their arrival on the market in 2007.

How do I choose what kind of app to build?

There are many different types of apps, varying from games and sports scores to banking, dating, and shopping apps. Choose something that fits your business model, target audience, and budget. Who is my target audience? Your target audience could be anyone using a smartphone, tablet, or wearable. If your product is aimed at the general public, focus on millennials 18-34 years old, who make up about 50% of users. If your product appeals to businesses, look for salespeople, executives, managers, and directors.

How should I plan a strategy?

Planning is the best way to ensure success. Before beginning the project, determine your goals, objectives, value proposition, pricing, and marketing strategy. Once everything is decided, organize your tasks and create milestones to measure progress along the way.

Where can I find a developer?

Developers are specialized individuals who create software. You can hire developers directly through freelancing platforms, or you can use a service provider like Upwork, Freelancer, or Odesk. Most freelance websites provide the same basic services, including a profile for yourself and a listing of projects you can bid on, but each site may offer additional services or tools specific to them.

How do I create a prototype?

A prototype lets you show your idea to potential customers and clients without investing too much time and money. Create wireframes, mockups, and prototypes to share ideas, gain feedback, and test design concepts. There are many online services that help you create a prototype, including Balsamiq Mockups, Invision, Axure RP, Microsoft PowerPoint and Keynote, and Google SketchUp.

Will it be free or paid?

Most people expect apps to be free, whether they are downloading the first version of Snapchat or buying the latest iPhone. However, if you are developing a useful app that requires a subscription, consider how you will monetize it. An app might charge for premium content, advertising, or extra features.

3 factors at which mobile app cost depends

  1. Cost per feature: The average cost to build out each feature of a mobile app (assuming you have the skillset) is $10-20k. However, this price can vary depending on what features you want to add to your app and how complex they are. A simple feature will not require many hours of work, while adding additional functionality may take considerably longer. You should expect to pay at least $10k to complete a basic feature set, although the amount paid will depend on the complexity of the project. If you need someone else to do design work, it’s typical to charge around $25-$60/hr.
  2. What you get: Depending on the type of app being created, you might receive things like wireframes, mockups, designs, prototypes, and working examples of the app. These are some of the best ways to get feedback about what works and what doesn’t without having to invest money upfront. In addition, you’ll get a detailed estimate of what it will cost to build the app once everything is ready.
  3. How long it takes It can take anywhere from 2 weeks to a few months to finish developing a fully functional app. Sometimes it’s hard to know how long the project will take until you start building, since the scope of work can change at any time. So, if you’re just starting, don’t worry too much about estimating how long it will take. Just make sure to budget enough time for unforeseen problems and changes that may pop up along the way.


If the company already has a mobile app ready to go then we should use their existing code base. If they don’t have an app yet we should give them our best recommendation and let them decide whether they want to build it themselves.

We are usually not willing to start a project from scratch – even if their budget is low – unless it’s really urgent.We do not provide any kind of software development services, instead we recommend you to hire people who specialize in those field. But if you still want us to take care of your mobile app development and deployment, then just ask us!

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