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Filmyzilla 2022 Latest HD Movies & TV Shows Download

Hello Friends, Welcome to our blog website. There are a lot of apps to download the latest movies & web series but FilmyZilla is one of the best apps. 

In this article, we will talk about the FilmyZilla review and how we can use it securely because in a mod apk file there is a higher risk of malware & virus.

Disclaimer: All the information given in this article is research-based. We do not promote any illegal website or apk like FilmyZilla. Make sure you are using this app or website at your own risk.

What is FilmyZilla?

it is an app and website where you can download the latest movies & web series. You can freely download it and can enjoy many latest movies & web series. It is very scary that is not available on the Google Play Store & no one knows the real owner of Filmyzilla

How FilmyZilla Work?

ths is handled by anonymous persons. These anonymous persons buy duplicate movie copies from theaters or any third person and upload them on these types of apps. The main intention of these apps is to decrease movie collections. 

In a lockdown, people have become more fond of movies & web series. So, the entertainment market is increasing rapidly and these are capturing a huge percentage of this market.

What FilmyZilla Provide us?

FilmyZilla provides a lot of categories of movies & web series like:

  • Bollywood Movies
  • Hollywood Movies
  • South Indian Movies
  • Netflix web series
  • Romantic Movies & Web Series
  • Horror Movies
  • Comedy Movies
  • Cartoon Movies

These types of movies are available on FilmyZilla in 360p,480p,720p, and 1080p HD.

Why FilmyZilla is so Famous?

this is so popular. When anyone gives you something for free then you will be happy with him and support him. Same here, this provides free movies and web series so people like it very much. 

But every free thing is not good for all people. Because of these types of apps & websites, Film Industry gained a loss of many crores.

Is FilmyZilla Illegal?

Yes, FilmyZilla is an illegal website because it provides film industry content for free. It is not available on Google Play Store also. According to law it is illegal and comes under cyber laws. 

FilmyZilla Safe or not?

According to Indian law, it is illegal to watch or download any movie for free. Ahead of laws, it is not good for your privacy because in these times apps sometimes contain adware, malware, and virus, and these can also be downloaded that can affect your mobile phone as well as your personal details. 

So, FilmyZilla is a highly risky website or app that can harm you physically and technically.

How to download movies from filmyZilla?

We can use the FilmyZilla website and app both. But we will recommend you to use a website than an app because the app contains your mobile many permissions but the website does not. 

First of all visit Here you can see a lot of movies and web series. In the Search bar, you can search for your favorite movie.


We want to download the rocketry movie. So, click on the movie poster then you will be redirected to the download page. Scroll down the page and now you can see the download button as given below. 


Click on the download now button then you will be redirected to an external website where you can see a button that I am not a robot.


In your case, it can be a different one so there is no issue. Click on it and wait for some time. Then you can see another button just click on that and get the last button of Download Now. At last when you click on the download Now button then you will be redirected to the movie downloading link where you can download your favorite movie.

In the FilmyZilla app, it is quite simple to download and watch movies. Because there are not many ads shown & you get only social bar ads. But it is quite dangerous also so we will recommend you to use this website.

Can FilmyZilla Hack me?

Yes, there are higher chances of hacking using these types of apps because this app is completely made by an anonymous person. Chinese Hackers take advantage of these types of apps and hack many devices’ personal data. 

They edit apk code and add some malicious code in apk. So, when you download that malicious app then it will ask you for media, mic, and more permission. If you allow that app then this app uses your personal data and sends that data to Hackers.

How we can secure by FilmyZilla Hacking apk?

It is not possible to secure from Hacking. Because everything is hackable but we have to be aware to save our data. Watch movies from OTT or in Theaters. If you want to download free movies then make sure that you are downloading a video format file & not downloading movies in 4k quality because we can easily embed malicious code in 4k video quality format.


In this article, we take a look at the FilmyZilla review. Here you can see a look at advantages & disadvantages. Away from advantage, it can be more dangerous for us so please think about it once before using these types of apps.

FAQs about FilmyZilla

Q: Is Filmyzilla banned?

A: FilmyZilla is an illegal service so it is banned in India.

Q: How do download movies for free?

A: FilmyZilla is one of the best Websites & apps that provide us latest movies & web series.

Q: Is FilmyZilla Safe?

A: No, FilmyZilla is not safe. It provides movie copy to us such that it is illegal and downloading paid content for free also illegal.



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