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How to Stimulate Push Notification in E-commerce

For a business to sustain itself in the space of the internet, It is important to have a close connection with its audience.

And where it comes to maintaining a strong bond with your customer base, push notifications are a godsend for businesses.

If you too are in the shoes of an e-commerce owner and looking for ways to increase your leads, here’s a three-lettered answer – flutter push notifications, which can reverse your order from being a beginner to a leading e-commerce portal.

Push Notifications have a way of enticing customers based on what the customers are searching for. If you know the right ways of integrating it into your marketing strategy then there is no looking back.

Wanna know How?

Read for yourself, how Push Notifications can serve your business’s best interests.

1. Personalize your Customer’s Experience:

The best way to approach the customers is to add a personalized experience. Whether it’s about starting a text message with their name or sending them the desired product range based on their surfing history.

It’ll not increase the chances of them reading the notification but would most certainly trigger them to further act upon it.

It may also apply in a sense where you could send them reminders of finishing their purchase where they left the unattended items in their cart.

2. Make Smart Use of Analytics:

Sending promotional texts and notifications are out of date. Also, It isn’t the best practice to send your customers messages that only concern what you have to say.

Here’s where the role of analytics comes in and based on the open rate, read rate, etc. you can make a fair analysis of what your customers intend to read.

Sending them a tailored range of products and offers would mean adapting to the proactive approach of sending your customers only what they like to hear from you which also means slashing the step where you had to do the unnecessary persuasion to sell them your products and services.

3. Cater to your Customer’s Specific Interests and Preferences: 

The probability of a customer acting upon a push notification would double if it interests them. And to do so, it is very important to maintain a detailed record of your customer needs and preferences.

Let’s understand the same with an example. Suppose ‘A’ inclines to order a Pizza from a delivery app. It shows up in his history of transactions, that in most cases he has significant spendings on buying a pizza.

Given our example, It would be an ideal practice to send him the notifications surrounding the option of a Pizza.

Be it the best places from where he could order a pizza or the deals & discounts where he most likely would spend based on his personal choice.

4. Keep Track of Activity:

Understanding the buyer’s journey is equally important. With this comes the step where you must maintain track of a customer’s activity from the beginning till the end.

Starting from identifying the preference of your customer’s to thanking them for the final purchase, there is ‘n’ number of opportunities that you get to make a close relationship with your customer.

This will not only help you in winning a potential customer but would ensure customer retention.

Suppose, a customer has viewed a certain dress from your portal. Sending him reminders of purchases accompanied by great deals is a great way to stay in touch with a customer.

By doing so, you are not just popping up on his mobile screen – reminding him of your brand’s presence but engaging him in the most relevant way possible.

5. Timings play a Major Role:

Timing matters the most when it comes to sending push notifications. A lot depends on whether you are sending the notification at the right time or not.

Suppose, you run an e-commerce portal of dairy products. Sending the notifications in the morning would be everything when the customers are already surfing to find the best deals on milk, in contrast to sending it at night when even the most lucrative deal on milk would mean nothing when they don’t intend to buy it at all.


Push Notifications are a great way to land on the mobile screens of your customers. Given the right strategy and ways of appeasing your customers, you can win a great deal of turning the site visitors into your customers.

Push notification is the two-edged sword that can not only help you reach closer to your clients but if not well channelized can bug off your customers for the rest of their life.

For you to make the most of it, you must bring the said suggestions in your application and see how the tool of flutter push notifications works wonders for your e-commerce portal. 




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