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Serverwala – The Best & Cheap US Bare Metal Dedicated Server Provider in Denver

At a certain point in time when your website begins to acquire more traffic and your web business starts to expand, the need for a robust and reliable hosting server also increases.  The dedicated server Denver serves as the ideal option for ensuring that all the requirements of your web business are being fulfilled for its efficient working. However, many users refrain from buying a dedicated server in Denver due to its high cost compared to other hosting servers and the responsibility of the entire server that comes along. Here we will introduce you to the hosting company that renders the cheap dedicated server Denver with the best hosting facilities – Serverwala. But let us first discuss the difference between the dedicated server Denver and the VPS that most users utilize as an alternative to a dedicated server for hosting their websites.  

difference between Dedicated Server and VPS Hosting 

The dedicated server Denver offers a completely independent hosting environment. In the dedicated server hosting Denver, you get the entire physical server to host your website. 

Whereas the VPS tries to mimic the dedicated hosting environment. The VPS stands for a virtual private server that offers a virtual and a private hosting environment. It is based on virtualization technology, where the physical server is partitioned utilizing a virtualization software ‘Hypervisor’ to form multiple compartments known as virtual private servers. You will get one of these virtual private servers to host your website along with the dedicated web resources such as disk space, bandwidth, operating system, random access memory, etc. Since you will not have to buy the entire server, the cost of virtual private server hosting automatically decreases and is much less than the dedicated server hosting. Thus, people often switch to the VPS hosting service to overcome the limitations imposed by the shared server hosting rather than directly shifting to the dedicated server Denver to host their websites. 

However, you will require to switch to a dedicated server in Denver sooner or later to acquire your web business goals. Dive into the subsequent section to know the reason behind this. 

Reason to Select Dedicated Server in Denver 

The dedicated server Denver and all its web resources function solely for your website. Here are some of the privileges provided by the Denver dedicated server hosting, which are required to advance your web business with utmost ease and cannot be achieved by VPS hosting. 

Complete authority

The VPS hosting does provide you the root access to your virtual server. However, with the Denver dedicated server, you get complete root access to your physical server. You can configure, customize, and run your server in any way. You become capable of running multiple resource-intensive applications on your server. Moreover, you acquire higher scalability and flexibility in the utilization of the dedicated server Denver. You get the power to share the server space with the other users if it is not completely utilized by your website. You may initiate a reseller hosting business along with hosting your own website to generate additional income. All this is possible due to the high reliability offered by the dedicated server Denver. 

Greater security

Since the entire server belongs to your web business under the Denver dedicated server hosting, no other website operations or users are allowed to intervene in your website’s functioning, code, and data. Moreover, you can implement various security layers to protect your website data against different cyber threats and data breaches. 

You will be required to have greater authority over your server in order to run your server the way you want for developing your website and get a large amount of traffic. The dedicated server Denver enables you to possess greater authority and greater security, as discussed above while letting you manage the traffic efficiently without affecting your website’s performance. Thus, you can infer that the dedicated server hosting Denver provides complete value for money. 

Moreover, with the Serverwala hosting company you can acquire the best-dedicated server in Denver under your budget. Continue reading to know more. 

Serverwala Cheap Dedicated Server in Denver – Best for Online Business Website 


ServerWala hosting company is counted among the most renowned and leading organizations of the corporate world. The company is famous for providing cheap dedicated server Denver with high-class hosting facilities. It has acquired various recognitions through the awards for the same. With the Serverwala best-dedicated server in Denver, your business website gets the low latency and becomes capable of operating at twenty times faster speed. 

With the Serverwala cheap dedicated server Denver, you will have the powerful resources to strengthen your business productivity at an affordable price.  Furthermore, you will be provided complete transparency of server costing. The company will render you easy access to the dashboard for knowing the complete billing process and getting insights into complete and clear charges of hosting services.

Check out the significant features of the Serverwala dedicated server Denver in the following section. 

Features of Serverwala Denver Dedicated  Server 

Enterprise-grade hardware

The Serverwala bare-metal dedicated server Denver comes up with top-tier equipment and employs hosting components, including colossal storage and Intel CPU for fast processing. With such a powerful blend of hardware tools, your website gets the guarantee of receiving outstanding hosting service.  

Intensified Security

The company provides high-level security with the best-dedicated server in Denver. Your business website will acquire DDoS protection.. Moreover, for data security, the company offers an SSL certificate and 2048 encryption with all its data center hosting packages. 

Premium bandwidth

With the Serverwala cheap dedicated server Denver, you will receive the premium bandwidth with the guaranteed 100% uptime network. Your website load time will enhance, and your website visitors will experience seamless performance under a premium and secure network connection of the company’s dedicated server Denver. 

IPv4 and IPv6 addresses

With the Serverwala bare-metal dedicated server Denver, your website will get one IPv4 and IPv6 address. However, you can buy more IPs at an extra cost if required. 


The Serverwala hosting company offers 24/7 technical assistance with all its dedicated server Denver plans and packages. It has a professional team of certified and experienced experts who provide instant solutions to all your server issues. It also renders the managed Denver dedicated server hosting if you are a newbie in the hosting industry or do not have time to handle your dedicated server Denver. Furthermore, the company offers round-the-clock customer support through different communication channels. Connect with the company’s professionals to resolve your queries or to gather information about dedicated server hosting Denver. You may visit the Serverwala official website for further details –



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