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Top Tips on Revamping your Data Scientist Resume to get Shortlisted

Data is the fuel of innovation and technology, and data science is the engine that drives organizations to accomplish greater heights.

Various companies are adopting data science to get more business and expand their service area. As per a report by techjury, the enormous market of big data analytics is estimated to reach up to USD 103 bn. by 2023.

Subsequently, you can expect various opportunities of data science opening soon, if you are an aspiring data scientist. To have a smooth journey, we encourage you to upgrade your data science skills with modern tools and methodologies.

Also, you will require an impeccable data science resume in this highly competitive market. In this light, we are here with seven best tips on revamping your data scientist resume to get shortlisted:

data scientist resume tips

  1. Opt for a suitable resume format

You can begin by picking an appropriate format for your data scientist resume. Although there are various resume formats available on the web, we have chosen the most popular and widely accepted resume for you:

  • Reverse Chronological Resume Format
  • Functional Resume Format
  • Combination Resume Format

The functional resume format is reasonable for professionals with career gaps or looking to switch to a different industry or a new role. Professionals without a career gap could choose Reverse Chronological Resume Format or a Combination Resume Format.

  1. Use one-liner bullet points

It is a reality that a hiring manager doesn’t invest a lot of energy in a resume. Hence, working on long paragraphs for your resume would serve no purpose. Instead, increase the readability of the resume by listing in bullet points.

Aside from the resume outline or summary, you can add other sections in the form of bullet points to get your hiring manager’s undivided attention.

  1. Highlight profile-centric keywords

Highlighting your relevant skills, profile-centric catchphrases, and essential metrics like figures, accomplishments, and results will make your resume strong. Additionally, it will assist you with parsing through the ATS (Applicant Tracking System) without hurdles.

The set of responsibilities in the job description is the best source to pick keywords. Subsequently, you can pick industry-relevant keywords from that point and use them in your resume to gain an edge.

  1. Add Certification details

Certifications can highlight your specialization and interests in your selected niche. It showcases your zeal and conviction.

Adding certifications could help you stand out and get shortlisted. It makes for an essential section. You could follow the following format to include certifications in your resume:

Confirmation Name | Name of Issuer | Date of Completion

  1. Write a crisp summary

The resume summary is one of the key components that is read by the hiring manager. You could frame it as a passage containing all the fundamental data referenced in your resume.

It’s true that hiring managers generally pay only a couple of seconds on the resume itself. Subsequently, you should use easy to read language while composing your resume outline to enhance its readability.

Key Takeaways

  • Outline your resume in a suitable format basis your professional journey
  •  Use one-liner bullet points to encapsulate your professional details
  • Highlight essential information and profile-centric keywords
  •  Add your certification details to get brownie points during the recruitment process
  • Write an easy-to-read resume summary having essential information available in your resume



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