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Top 10 AngularJS Development Tools Designed to Rule 2021!

The world has taken a sharp turn towards digitization in the last decade. Now people spend more time in the virtual world than they do in the physical one. After the pandemic hit us, more and more businesses are going online and catering to a greater audience than ever. 

Therefore, if you’re an entrepreneur and need to go online, you have to understand that you will be serving an audience that is not just of your regular user base; In fact, it is much larger. Therefore, you require a robust, well-equipped technology capable of competing in the cut-throat market competition. 

10 AngularJS Development Tools

Don’t worry; all you have to do is hire Angular developers, use the most prominent tools that come with the technology, and develop an application that’s competent and loved by users. 

Best AngularJS tools for development: 

Given below are the ten best angular development tools in the market. Check them out and choose the one that is best suited for your project niche: 


Webstorm is known for its excellent navigation tools as well as error-detecting features. The intelligent coding options of Webstorm offers a smooth and robust development process to AngularJS developers. 


  • Webstorm provides coding assistance for various languages like CSS, JavaScript, HTML, and NodeJS. 
  • It has superior customization elements that match your coding style. 
  • It comes with excellent features like TSLint, debugging, JSCS, JSHint, JSLint, and Stylelint. 
  • It is built for highly efficient testing, debugging, profiling and tracing features. 


Karma is the most popular development tool built with AngularJS. It provides fabulous coding options on desktop/laptop browsers, tablets and phones. 


  • You can find a variant open-source community of the tool on GitHub. 
  • It works in sync with all kinds of browsers
  • It integrates efficiently with Jenkins, Travis, and Semaphore. 
  • It offers test coding in real and various browsers. 

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Visual Studio:

Microsoft has specially created the visual studio code for Linux, Windows and macOS. It is integrated with a smart editor, making it one of the fastest and best angular development tools in the market. 


  • The full definition of a function is displayed by the peek function, which expands to an inline window. 
  • The Intellisense feature of visual studio offers an intelligent completion of variable types, imported modules, and function definitions. 
  • The pre-built GUI for the git offers ease of assessing the changes developed in the project. 

Aptana Studio: 

Aptana Studio is a renowned name in the list of prominent AngularJS tools that can be used to develop a speedy website that performs exceptionally well. However, to use the tool at the optimum, you have to hire dedicated Angular developers and use their expertise. 

Aptana Studio is a development environment based on an efficient and flexible environment known as Eclipse. 


  • It is integrated with a tree-based code browser.
  • Pre-built debugger known for its improved debugging features
  • It supports PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Ruby. 
  • It comes with a superior Git integration used for efficient management of the source code. 
  • Provides a development environment that offers the personalization of commands. 


Protractor is a superior app development framework that offers an interactive and automatic app development ecosystem. The app has many technologies like cucumber, Mocha, Jasmine and Selenium. 


  • It automatically syncs tests and web pages
  • Permits real browser testing 
  • Provides end to end testing abilities. 

Angular IDE:

Angular IDE is known as an incredible IDE tool for both beginners and experts of Angular development. CodeMix has developed the tool. It has made its name by boasting features like real-time validation, syntax-aware source colouring, code auto-completion and many more unique features. 


  • Error-free and speedy projects with auto-completion of codes
  • The tool offers brilliant formatting choices.
  • Intelligent feature of detecting misdefined tags and auto-completing the codes. 


MochaJS is a popular testing framework that is jam-packed with an array of features that enable efficient and asynchronous software testing. 

With Mocha, you can even hire Angular developers who are beginning their careers as it is best suited for training purposes. 


  • It is suited for asynchronous testing 
  • Offers APIs for JavaScript built for testing 
  • It has a massive range of reporters

Sublime Text:

Most AngularJS developers consider sublime text one of the most efficient text editing tools in the market. It not only comes with various customization options, but it also comes with many packages that simplify the working of AngularJS. 


  • You can jump to symbols, lines or words and save tremendous time with the “Goto Anything” option. 
  • Hover over the symbol and grab information with the “Goto definition.” 
  • Sort the properties in alphabetical order using the CSS sorting function. 
  • The developers can change many variables and lines together by using multiple selections. 


Djangular uses Angular and Django for an efficient content creation process of projects. The tool carries out an easy app integration with AngularJS while offering flexibility. 


  • Djangular has an in-built framework, which is flexible and comes with all components required. 
  • The tool can namespace AngularJS contents as per the Django application. 


In the list of best angular development tools, the name of AngularFire holds great significance. It is a back-end development tool integrated with a dynamic API, superior development abilities and a 3-way data binding model. 

The pool can create a competent back-end application. However, you will still have to hire dedicated Angular developers who have relevant knowledge in your project niche. This way, you will ensure you design a project that is worthy of all applause. 


  • It efficiently manages all binary data files, including videos, images and blobs
  • Allows offline use by storing data automatically. 
  • Provides synchronized real-time data binding
  • AngularJS binding officially supports AngularFire 


The above presented is the list of some of the most prominent and best angular development tools in the market. Suppose you need a flexible, reliable and powerful application that can effectively woo your consumers. In that case, you always have the option of choosing tools from the list above. However, you will require consultation from an Angular expert. 

To choose the tool that is best suited for your project niche, you can either hire angular developers or take consultation from a web development company. 



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