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What is Backend Development? Skills Required for Development

Web Development is the art of designing and developing web pages using HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). It includes different types of software and programming languages. Many web developers focus on one aspect of web design or the other but today we will talk on backend Development. 

What is Backend Development?

Backend development refers to the development of software that runs on the server side. In the case of websites, it’s the portion of development responsible for setting up the server environment (e.g., installing servers, configuring them, etc.), providing APIs for client-side applications (typically using languages such as PHP), and serving pages, images, and JavaScript files to user browsers. Backend developers may also implement features that allow users to submit data back to the website. These features often involve the use of databases, e.g., MySQL, and other database management systems (DBMS).

Reasons Why You Should Learn Backend Web Development

Backend Development

More money – Because web developers are paid much higher than other types of programmers, there tends to be greater demand for their skills. There are several online courses and institutions offering high-level training programs. Most offer hands-on experience in projects and real world application of what they teach.

Advancements in technology – A background in web development gives you the ability to understand and adapt to future technologies. As technologies evolve, so do the tools used to create applications. In many cases, these changes require a new approach or framework to be developed. Many companies have the option of hiring someone who already knows Javascript and HTML as opposed to hiring a new developer altogether.

Better job prospects – Having a technical skill set makes you more valuable to companies. The best way to find employment opportunities is by networking. Websites such as LinkedIn provide an opportunity to establish professional relationships with businesses and individuals alike. These connections can lead to jobs and even internships.

Skills for multiple fields – Learning to code teaches you about different programming languages. While coding in JavaScript may seem simple compared to C++, having both under your belt will enable you to perform tasks beyond just web development. Being able to effectively communicate across platforms is also necessary for any field. Programming skills translate directly into communication skills, while understanding how to write programs helps you think critically and solve problems.

Flexibility – The internet is constantly evolving. New technologies emerge daily and change the landscape of business and personal lives. Because web development requires constant learning, you gain flexibility in your career path. What’s more, you get to choose what type of project interests you the most, whether it be front-end or back-end development.

Career advancement – As mentioned before, web development offers a wide range of opportunities depending on what kind of project you work on. Many companies hire only web developers, while others outsource the task to contractors. Whatever the case may be, being knowledgeable in web development opens up opportunities for you to explore new industries and apply your talents to a variety of challenges.

How to learn Backend Web Development?

Backend Development

There are numerous options for people looking to learn web development. Here are three popular methods to start your journey towards becoming a web developer.

Online courses are a great way to learn web development. You can complete your instruction from home and oftentimes for free. While they may be less expensive than traditional college classes, online courses allow students to progress at their own pace and receive individual attention to ensure that they are learning correctly.

Some famous courses to consider include those offered by Codecademy, Code School, Udacity, Treehouse, General Assembly, and All of these offer video lessons and assignments that can be accessed from anywhere, giving you the freedom to study whenever and wherever you please.

What’s the difference between front-end Web Development and Back-End Web Development?


Front-end developers create websites using HTML/CSS/JavaScript (or similar programming language), while back-end developers develop applications that interact with databases. Front-end developers often focus on aesthetics, user experience, marketing, and usability. Back-end developers tend to have a technical focus and their primary job is to make sure code works properly through testing.

When do I need each type of developer?

If you want to build a website without any kind of backend functionality, then you probably don’t need a backend developer. However, if you’re building something that requires database access, or interacting with APIs, or sending emails – you’ll need a good backend dev.

How do I find a good backend developer?

Well, first off you should ask yourself what functionality does your site require. If you know exactly what you want out of a website, you can look at portfolios of previous projects and see what types of skills they’ve had in the past. You could also use freelance sites such as Upwork to search for freelancers who specialize in the type of project you’re looking to get done.

Which languages/frameworks are popular for back-end development?

 PHP, Ruby on Rails, Python, Java, C, ASP.NET, NodeJS, GoLang, Elixir, Rust, etc… These are just a few examples of some of the most popular languages being used today. Each language has its own set of pros and cons, and choosing one over the others is mostly based on personal preference.

Do I really need a dedicated team of developers?

The answer to this question depends on how big your project is going to be. If you’re planning on launching a site or app entirely from scratch, then you may not need anything more than a single developer. However, if your current site was already built before you hired someone to help you, you might benefit from bringing on a second person to keep things running smoothly. Even if your site isn’t completely developed yet, the cost of hiring additional people can be worthwhile depending on whether or not you plan on maintaining that project long term.

Why do I need a dedicated team of back-end developers?

You need a dedicated team of engineers if your application is going to require continuous maintenance or updates. Most companies hire specialized teams of developers to help maintain existing codebases and add new features. This ensures that everything runs smoothly and seamlessly, and keeps costs down.


In this article, I have discussed backend web development and the importance of backend web development on Frontend Development. If you like this article share it with your friends and for further queries just comment below this article.



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