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5 Best Free OCR Software to Convert Images into Text with high accuracy

In the modern era, people look for smarter ways to perform their tasks in every field like from writing content to its ranking.From the businessman to the student or professional writers, each of the professional tasks is improving with the improvement in technology.

Modern-day writers and professionals are always in hurry to complete their work in a minimum amount of time without doing any hard effort. Sometimes professional writers, students, and businessmen come to a situation in which they get an image of the text which is useful for their content but due to the unavailability of time, they can’t write that text.

As each day brings a revolution in technology, this problem is no longer a problem. Students, businessmen, and other professional writers can use image-to-text converter software which will help them to complete their tasks in no time. 

Well, the image-to-text converter is such a tool that is completely based on today’s modern artificial intelligence technology that helps individuals to extract text from images and use it in their tasks.This software is particularly popular among students and businesses like office working, academic writing, and digital marketing.

This article is all about image to text convertors and what are the 5 best software to convert images into text which can increase the productivity of your work.Before directly moving towards the topic, this article also gives you a brief insight into what is OCR and its uses, and what is Text to image converter is, and how it works.

What is OCR

OCR stands for optical character recognition. It is special software that converts images or even handwriting into text which the user can use in their content.

How OCR work

OCR software analyzes the document uploaded by the user in the input box and then compares the document fonts which are stored in their databases. 

Among all the OCR base software, some of them also put the document through a spell checker to find or guess the unrecognized word. 

Users need to put the image in black and white. As the OCR process is binary. It will get detect easily as the black color of the image is the part of a pattern that will be recognized and the white color is the background.

100 percent accuracy is difficult to achieve but OCR removes the majority of the errors as OCR programs have an inbuilt spell-checking tool that can find the miss spell word and highlight it and remove the error. Due to this, OCR software can achieve approximately maximum accuracy.

Uses of OCR

The simple work of OCR software is to convert printed images into a machine-readable text format that can easily be edited.

There are many uses of OCR software and some of them are

  • Digital storage
  • Edit printed text
  • Perform quick digital searches
  • Quickly access information
  • Free up space

What is an image to text converter?

An Image to text converter is the tool that helps the user to convert the image document into machine-readable text. This text later can be edited according to user requirements.

It is used to speed up the working of editing in quick time. This tool is used to increase the accuracy and efficiency of the work.

How does an image text converter work?

The basic technology behind the image-to-text converter software is OCR. optical character recognition works with many different algorithms at the back end. 

These algorithms compare your image with the number of elements present in its database. Then sequence the words which are written in the image.

5 best free OCR software to convert images into text 

Due to their high accuracy and speed to convert the image into text, the following are the 5 best free OCR software:


Prepostseo is one of the finest to convert the images into readable text form. It is a free tool that works with accuracy and makes your images into editable files.

Prepostseo image to text converter uses OCR technology to recognized characters and make them in editable form.   

Prepostseo offers multiple format options to upload the pic including JPEG, PNG. Users can upload the pic directly through the website with the help of a URL

This tool can convert low-resolution images as well. User can convert their images for their work without being worried about their data can be used by third parties. This website is the most secure because it doesn’t save the images or text to its database.

Users can access this website without any registration. Prepostseo supports multiple languages including Spanish, English, German, Russian, Turkish and Portuguese.

2. is a free image-to-text web service that converts scans, photos, and PDFs into searchable, editable text. Users do not require any type of expensive software.

Converting documents to text is a time-consuming and laborious process. is a website that converts scans, photos, and PDFs into searchable and editable text. It’s a faster and less expensive alternative to converting texts yourself.

Texts can be converted online in a matter of minutes with a simple upload. There is no need to manually enter the text, and the conversion process is completely automated.


It allows the user to convert images into text with one click. This tool scans the image by using the latest OCR technology. It extracts every single piece of text which is written on the image and converts it into editable text form.

It is very easy to use as users only have to drag or upload the file from the system or paste the URL of the specific image and then click on the extract button. It will be converted within seconds.

Users can upload the pictures in PNG, BMP, JPEG, and JPG format.


This is an online tool that will convert images into text in no time with maximum accuracy. It doesn’t take more than a second to convert the document. Like other software, it also uses OCR technology. Image to text converter is most useful tool which has become more popular in students as well as businesses. 

It is very easy to use. Users can upload the picture or can use the URL link for the particular image in the input box and then hit submit button. Then users can copy the text or can save it as a document.

It is free to use and provides multiple language support and multiple image formats like JPG, JPE, JFIF, BMP, PNG, TIFF, etc.


It is one of the best tools among image convert into text. It provides ease to its user. It is free to use and has no subscription and registration charges. Users just have to drop or upload the file or even can paste the URL link or the image and wait a few seconds for the uploading of the file. 

Press the button and it will convert the image into readable and editable text within seconds. Users can view the text file on the browser after conversion is done. It supports files in formats of JPG, PNG, JIF, JFIF, JFI, JPEG, BMP, and TIFF.

This website also features the OCR tool and converts the JPG and PDF into text.

It works without any registration like entering your mail. Users can upload pictures in JPG, JPE, JFIF, JIF and the conversion will be done by the tool. This tool helps the user to edit these files.



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