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The Easy Way To Download Tiktok Videos On Android & iOS

Tiktok brought nothing short of a revolution.

Encounters with one video took us to another and then another until we could not help but feel addicted.

Perhaps the stand out feature of tiktok is it’s simple and convenient user interface allowing wide reach across class divides.

Thus relatable and diverse.

It is very likely that some videos might catch your attention and you would need them at your side.

Want to know how to do that?

We are at your rescue; Go on!

We’ll tell you how to download the videos of your choice in all the possible formats that you might need.

Downloading your own data from tiktok.

Following the ban on tiktok due to alleged misuse of data;

it has been a question to ask.

Now that you are wondering, we present you a quick guide for just that.

But first you will have to download the app.

Here’s how-:

For  Android

  • Launch  Google Playstore
  • Search Solo VPN.
  • Click on download.
  • Now launch the SoloVPN app.
  • Click on Auto.
  • Now select a country where tiktok can still be accessed.
  • Hit Connect.
  • Now Go to the browser of your device and type tiktok login.
  • Go to Following and then click on the three dots on the top right corner and tap install app.

Now login and here you can download your data and videos .

Once the app has been downloaded ,login with your credentials.

Now you can use tik tok as normally as ever.

How to manually download your tik tok data?

1.From the profile, open the video of your choice.

2.Click on the three dot icon and select Save video.

Another way around is to systematically request tik tok  asking for your data.It  might take a few days though.

Follow the steps along-:

1.Launch the tik tok app and tap Me.

2.Hit the three dots that you can find on the top right.

3.Navigate to Privacy and safety.

4.Now scroll down to Personalisation and data;

following which you will tap on the highlighted red box to request data file.

5.We must note that this might take upto 30 days and the requested file will be valid only for 4 days to completely download.

6.Now swipe left to’ Download data’ and click on Download;

7.Select the browser and Login to your tiktok account and pass a simple verification test.


A verification code will be sent on your registered credentials.

8.This step will start your download of all the required data  and now you can access the same.

Are you wondering how to download the work of other creators?

The simple interface makes it even simpler,except of course when the creator unables the same.

Just click on the curved arrow at the bottom right of your preferred video.

Tiktok also provides you with the innovative option of turning a video into GIF and sharing it with your friends.

While saving a video scroll to find share as GIF .

Here you can trim the video too and once it is modified to your choice ,click Generate and this saves the GIF on your phone.

Please note that these apps are not secure and may sell your data to the third party ;we recommend you to do that only when it’s too necessary.

Disclaimer: If this is a banned app in your country we don’t recommend this to you.

This post is only for knowledge purposes. We don’t have any interaction with  such apps nor do we encourage its use.



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