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Free Logo Design: Best Logo Makers Without Spending A Coin

The logo is a crucial element of any brand. It helps you stand out among so many competitors. If you want to successfully market your business, it is essential to invest the time in creating your own logo. In this context, you will find the best sites to create a free logo Design.

List of Free Logo Design Software

1. Canva

Canva has rich templates for any type of task – resumes, social media posts, business cards, and more.

Creating a free logo with Canva is very easy – simply browse their selection of designs and click on the template you like. From there, you can edit the design any way you like – change the background, text, upload images, and other elements.

The logo maker is free, but you need to create an account to use it. If you feel that the free option has too many limitations, you can opt for the paid plan. With it, you’ll be able to choose from a wider selection of layouts and design elements.

canvas logo maker interface

Your logo design will automatically be saved to your account, so you can go back and edit it at any time. Click All your designs in the left sidebar to see all the templates.

2. DesignEvo

DesignEvo logo maker has a large number of pre-built templates for you to choose from. When you click on one of them, you will be taken to the edit page, where you can change the logo design however you like.

To download your design, click the Download button in the upper right corner, and this will take you to a page with low or high-resolution options. The high-resolution design costs $24.99 for a Basic plan and $49.99 for a Plus plan.

In the most expensive option, you not only have access to PNG files, but you also have lifetime support for the Basic plan and the option to download vector files in SVG format – in addition to having full copyright ownership of the logo.

3. Zyro Logo Creator

The Żyro Logos Creator is not only one of the best generators available logos but also a very intuitive and user-friendly option. It’s Ok if you are new to logo design. You can still create a beautiful logo using this tool.

When you click on the Create Your Logo button, you will be taken to the template page. This site has a very simple interface to use, but with hundreds of pre-built icons to choose from.

This online logo maker is quite flexible as you can choose the look of your free logo by typing the shape or image you want. 

The tool even lets you download your logo directly and save it as a PNG file. Yes, it is that simple.

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4. Visme

Visme comes with a series of templates ready for you to customize. It has an elegant editing tool that has everything you need to easily change graphics, colors, fonts, and more.

Your projects have an auto-save option, which works as an extra safety net when editing. There’s even a history list that lets you keep track of all the layers and elements of your design.

If you don’t feel ready for the world to see your creation, you can also share it privately. At the end of the process, download your image as a JPEG, PNG, or PDF.

5. FreeLogoDesign

To get started, enter your company name and click Start. You will then be asked to choose a logo design.

After choosing an option you like, you can try editing your design by adding text, icons, and even another logo to your template. You can mix and match different logo designs to end up with something ideal for your business.

After clicking the Save button in the upper right corner, you will be taken to a page where you can choose your logo resolution.

The free option offers a size of 200 by 200 pixels. The high-resolution version, up to 5,000 by 5,000 pixels in size, costs $39. You receive a PNG file and a JPG file along with a vector file in SVG format.

However, if you are just looking for a small logo, the low-resolution file will suffice.

6. LogoMaker

When you enter the LogoMakr website, you are automatically greeted with an edit page. This logo maker has many basic tools that make it very easy for beginners to use.

You can enter the keywords of a logo you are looking for in the search bar and choose the design you want.

Start creating a free logo using shapes, texts, and colors. When finished, you can click on the Save Logo icon in the upper right corner. There is the option to download a high-resolution image for US$19, along with vector files in PDF and SVG.

You can download the low-resolution version of the logo for free.

7. Online Logo Maker

The Online Logo Maker comes as another free option for you to make your logo without spending anything. With the tool, you can create a free logo, invitations, headers, banners, business cards, and any other type of document with custom written content.

The Online Logo Maker control panel is very simple and intuitive to use. On the main screen are all available features. You find text editors, shapes, symbols, colors, increase or decrease sizes, grids, and languages. So just any keyword and invent your logo with the fields of interest.

Once you have the logo of your choice, you can also download it to use wherever you want. There are still links on the page that take the user to tutorials, helping to extract the best from the tool.

What Makes A Logo Good?

As having a logo is essential for every brand, you must ensure that you make the best choice in terms of logo design. To ensure that your logo works your brand well, be sure to make a logo versatile, simple, timeless, and memorable.

Don’t try to focus on complicated designs – while creating something unique is important. A simple design is certainly more memorable. It will stay in your customers’ minds.

Make sure the logo is easy to recognize. After all, you don’t want people to confuse other brands with yours.

Stick with the design of your choice. Don’t change the logo too often, as this will only cause confusion.

Always ensure that your logo fits the tone and voice you want to create for your brand.

To top it off, when creating a free logo, always use high-resolution images. That way, you can use it as a logo online and in physical media as well.


If you want to create a professional logo, all these free website generators are great options to choose from. Not only are they easy to use, but they’re also free. We hope this article inspired you to create your own logo. Good luck!



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