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JoinPD is a digital platform that allows us to join a presentation using a code. Pear Deck Power JoinPD allows both teachers and students in virtual classes & good interaction. In JoinPD teachers can easily create a presentation by login into their JoinPD account and then a JoinPD code will be generated. This JoinPD code will be shared with all students such that they can access the same presentation at the same time.

It is a very simple & easy way to share presentations. Students will have a JoinPD account to access any presentation that is in progress. You can easily create a JoinPD account or log in with an existing account by visiting

Here you can see a complete guide on how to use JoinPD and get your login & password details as a teacher & also as a student. You can easily create an account by visiting Join by using the code on the homepage for peer-to-peer connections. You need a Peerdeck Join Code to join a session.

What is Joinpd Peardeck?

JoinPD Peardeck is an online platform that allows us to connect with a presentation in progress by using your JoinPD code. It is one of the best platforms for study & business work. JoinPD runs on Pear Deck which helps students & teachers with virtual classes.

Teachers need to create a presentation after login into their JoinPD account then they have to share that JoinPD code with all students so that they can join the same session. JoinPD is very popular in the United States and comes in the Student Help Portal category.

Pear Deck is a presentation platform that helps students to connect with teachers easily. Teachers create presentations with presentation Creation software & share that presentation to all students at a time with not much effort. Pear Deck is a tool that helps to engage students with teachers & create a great community of students & teachers.

How to create a Peardeck Account (

It is very simple to create a Peardeck account. Here I will show you how to join pear Deck as a new user. There are a few steps to create and use JoinPD.

First, you have to go to the pear deck official website and a Presentation Creation Software like Google Slides or Microsoft PowerPoint. Now you have to login into your Google account or your Microsoft 365 account. Follow the steps given below to become a Pear Deck user:

  • Visit Pear Deck’s official website and here you can see the signup option.
  • Click on the “Sign Up with the teacher” option. You can choose your category option according to you.
  • Now Peer Deck asks you permission to access Google Drive or OneDrive. Allow access and go on. 
  • You have to fill in some questions and agree with their terms and conditions. They don’t Access any data from students.
  • Connect your Pear Deck account with Google Drive or One Drive by clicking on “Athe authorize” button.
  • Now they will ask you to log in or sign in with Gmail. You will be requested to give some Peer Deck permission.
  • Submit your postcode or school name. If your US school does not appear in the search that’s ok. You can submit other any five numbers and continue with it. 
  • Start your Google Slides or PowerPoint latest version and download Pear Deck.

We have learned how to create an account with pear Deck but don’t know how to use it. Don’t worry now we are going to learn how to use Pear Deck.

PearDeck JoinPD

With the help of JoinPD teachers can easily create presentations with Google Slides or Microsoft PowerPoint and share them with the JoinPD platform.

A teacher can easily create a presentation with Google Slides or PowerPoint and easily import it with JoinPD. After successfully imported there will be shared a code that helps students to join the same session.

Another hand, a teacher can analyze each student’s activity and easily limit or control each student’s activity. The teacher loves this platform because of its features and low control of students’ hands. Account 

When you create a JoinPD account then you can see two options there to creating an account. Which first is for students and the second is for teachers. Teachers can create presentations with Google Slides or PowerPoint and can generate codes to add students to a specific session. Teachers have permission to track students’ activities so they can easily track any student performance and can see how students answer their questions. They have also permission to block any student from the presentation.

How can Student Join a Presentation?

When a teacher uploads a presentation on the JoinPD platform then he/she will get an access code. With the help of that code, students can easily join teacher presentations.Other hands, teachers have also permission to limit or block any student from their presentation.There is a very good feature that every teacher likes. With this feature, they can edit and get answers From students when presenting a presentation. They can easily track all students’ performance and can give them personal tips for better performance. It will save a lot of time for teachers as well as students. Students can easily access all presentations with the help of a single passcode.

How can I get Pear Deck to sign up code? | JoinPD Code

Now we are going to discuss how we get a Pear Deck to sign up code. You have to follow some steps given below:

First of all, you have to join on and it required your password.

Fill out the correct credentials and continue logging in.Now you have to enter 5 digits presentation code from the JoinPD session.

You have to enter this code before 4 days because after that it will be expired. Here there is the option that helps you to create an email address that helps students can easily join your presentation session also.

PearDeck works with JoinPD which helps you to give a good experience and track your student’s performance more efficiently. You can use this website without any hesitation because according to reports it does not store any personal data of users which is a very good thing.

SignUp to Peardeck Class Login JoinPD code

Now we are going to learn more about Peerdeck and JoinPD. You can choose a relevant link given below. If you have further any problem in connecting JoinPD with Google Slides then you can use the JoinPD extension.

With the help of the JoinPD extension, you can easily connect Google Slides with your JoinPD account.Now we are going to tell you how you can use JoinPD as a student or a teacher. There are some steps you have to follow:

You have to go to JoinPD’s official website you can see a login page will appear.

Here you have to add your username and password to log in.Now you have to fill out the correct credentials and click on the “Submit” button to log in.After successfully login dashboard will be opened.

There are different ways to use JoinPD as a student and as a teacher. If you are a student then you will get access in limits but if you are a teacher then you can access your student’s performance and activities also.

Participate in your Peardeck at

If you have chosen an instructor-led course then the projector view will be opened and all instructions for joining will be projected automatically.  Here are some steps you need to follow:

First of all, you need to visit

Now you have to enter 5 digits Pear Deck code that will help to join the current presentation session.

Alternatively, the teacher can share a link to the session or email it to all students to join the presentations.

You can easily allow your students to access the presentations. The membership code will be expired after 7 days but the session link will be an active lifetime. If you want that students join for less time then you can use the session code otherwise I will prefer you to send the link to all students at once.

You can log in here anonymously and you have to select an avatar provides by Google sheets or a Microsoft PowerPoint account. This fully depends upon your choice. It has also a premium version that will work When you select a student-paced activity.

You can check out this on the dashboard. You can see the join button in the upper right corner where you will get all the instructions on how to join.

You can easily join it by the steps given above and, interestingly, you can choose or join anonymously without losing your identity.

How do you present on Peerdeck (

When you log in on Peer Deck you can see many instructions on how to join? If you want to join products and participate then you have to perform some actions:

Firstly visit

Now you have to log in with Microsoft 365 account or Google Slides

After that, you have to enter 5 digits code that you get to join a session.

Register For JoinPD Login

Now we are going to give a quick look at JoinPD Login and registration. I have given some instructions below that you have to check:

First of all, you have to visit JoinPD’s official website “”

Here you can see a teacher login option in the top right corner of the website.

Click on the teacher login button then you will be redirected to the login page.

Here you can see two options for Login “Login with Google” and “Login with Microsoft”. You can go with your choice. Now you have to give access to Google Slides or Microsoft PowerPoint to JoinPD such that they can easily access your presentation.

You can submit your credentials without any hesitation because Pear Deck never shares your data with others. You have to Read their Data policies they have also added a lot of security policies about users. The process of completing the JoinPD account is now completed.

Now if you have to select “teacher” or “student” to sign-up with a new account. You have to authorize to connect your JoinPD account with Pear Deck. You can authorize it easily by signing up with Google.

Now you have to select your school from the drop-down & if you didn’t find your school then you go with a random one. You have to enter 5 digits code to access the current session. If you want to start your presentation then you have to click on the “Get Started” button.

Now you can access your JoinPD account from here and can easily present your presentation to all students. You have to enter your login username and password once. 


Pear Deck Power JoinPD allows both teachers and students in virtual classes & good interaction. If you are a teacher and you have to attend online virtual classes then you have to select it. Students can easily join meetings with a link or 5 digits code and you can also analyze students’ performance easily.


Is PearDeck Free or Paid?

PearDeck is free and paid. If you are a teacher then you can select its premium features and if you are a student then you can go for free.

Do Students require log in to join the session?

You can log in without an account as a student. 

Can I use Pear Deck if I’m not a teacher?

Students/participants do not need to create a Pear Deck account. 

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