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Reasons To Use Microlearning In Your Employee Training

Microlearning is an educational strategy that breaks down complex topics to short form content. It primarily deals with short term learning activities.Of late, microlearning has become popular because of the diminishing attention span of people, thanks to the emergence of the digital age.

Gone are those days when employees were made to sit for long hours and concentrate on what’s happening. Microlearning allows learners to learn for a short period of time which can allow them to focus more.

These days, employees prefer on-the-go learning which allows them to concentrate on learning without compromising other tasks, or pushing the limits of their focus.

Microlearning involves short and straight to the point content that’s easier to digest. One of the platforms that makes life simple with microlearning features is Talent LMS. They create a distraction free environment and learners can navigate through the platform easily. Here are some of the reasons to use microlearning to improve your employee training:

1)Provides brief and specific knowledge:

Microlearning provides specific and on point learning by addressing a single learning objective per lesson. These training modules require not more than 5 to10 minutes of employee attention which prevents them from rescheduling their work or losing focus during the training.

A learning workforce can contribute to the growth of business given the ever evolving business models and strategies. Organizations need to help their employees upskill in the most easy and effective manner, which is exactly what microlearning helps them to do.

2)Makes learning interesting and engaging:

Engaging learners is key to the success of any course or training module. Employees can only benefit from the module if they involve themselves and engage with the tutor or the learning material of the course. Because the content is so targeted and timely, there is very less chance of an employee losing any interest in the training process and it further motivates them to take up more courses once they start enjoying them.

3)Easy access to knowledge:

Whenever an employee has any question or issue they can immediately turn to microlearning which is streamed over a smartphone instead of consulting the managers or other colleagues. This will save lots of time for both the concerned people and the employee who can be self dependent.

4)Reduce the time for course design:

Microlearning makes the learning process easy for both learners and course developers because creating long form courses takes lots of time and effort. Microlearning splits the course into smaller and target specific topics which can make course development much easier. Course design expenses are very low when compared to traditional as it’s not classroom learning.

Along with the course developers , it is also less time consuming for learners as it is short form content which doesn’t require much of their time. It’s a win-win situation for both the parties concerned with microlearning.

5)Promotes anytime, anywhere learning:

Close to half of Earth’s population uses smartphones and many people use laptops and other electronic gadgets which form a great digital ecosystem. The movement towards online learning took off due to the pandemic and it’s still continuing which will lead to learners turning into digital learning platforms. Microlearning when combined with mobile learning allows users to learn from anywhere and at any time because most people carry mobiles wherever they go and they have the freedom to learn at their own pace and convenience. So, digital learning is only going to boom in the future and there is no way of stopping it.


Microlearning is booming currently because of various reasons mentioned above and it is here to stay due to its numerous benefits and cost maintenance. You can opt for microlearning without a second thought.



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