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What is difference between postpaid and prepaid?

Let us discuss the key difference between postpaid and prepaid so that it becomes easier for you to take the call.

Have you ever been in a situation where you found yourself totally confused about taking a prepaid or postpaid connection? If the answer to that question happens to be a yes, you are not alone! Many of us go through the similar confusion especially if we are taking a new connection and want to make the rich choice of service.

  • Bill payment: The basic difference is of the method of paying money for the service you are using. If you choose a prepaid service, you have to pay the price for the pack before availing the service.
  • Plans: Prepaid plans come in a varied price range. Therefore, you can go for plans even within INR 100. While you choose postpaid connection, it starts from a minimum of INR 300, depending upon the operator. 
  • Porting: Porting number is easier when you are using a prepaid service. If you port your prepaid number from one operator to another, you can do that very easily; however, for postpaid services it sometimes may take a while.
  • Data Rollover: Data rollover is the facility which enables the customers to carry forward their unused data to the next billing cycle or the next month. The data rollover is not usually enabled for the prepaid accounts however it is a regular feature of the postpaid account. Some prepaid accounts on the other hand come with the daily data feature which helps them make sure that the data is available when needed.
  • Control on Spending: It does not matter which operator you are registered with, with prepaid connection you will never get bill shock. It is totally under your control. Even if you are speaking over phone for a long time, the balance of your phone will get over and you many need to recharge with another plan; but in any case you will have control over the money you are spending on your phone bills. However, when you are using a postpaid number, you may get a bill shock especially of you are making ISD calls and speaking for long hours.

These are just some of the basic differences between prepaid and postpaid services. However, while you are choosing any of these services, you must spare some thoughts to the quality of the services provided by a particular operator. One of the leading telecom operators in India presently is Bharti Airtel, and no matter which service you are choosing, you will get uninterrupted service. The Airtel prepaid plans are great option for the customers to manage their monthly spend while maintaining their budget.

The prepaid service offered by Airtel is as good as the postpaid service. With Airtel’s postpaid service you will not only be able to avail unlimited local and STD calls but will also get added benefits such as access to OTT apps. However, some prepaid plans also include these benefits and can also give you the chances to avail cashback, deals or coupons.

The process of recharging a prepaid number is as easy as using it; all that you need to do is to install the Airtel Thanks App and in just a few clicks you can recharge the balance in your phone. The other options include Airtel’s Website or other mobile wallets including Airtel Money wallet. Recharging from the website of Airtel or the Airtel Apps will enable you to get updated information about the Airtel Prepaid plans.



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