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8 Tips to get your animated explainer video in trending

Animated videos are the future of marketing. Having stunning explainer videos is always a good idea to scale your business. It is a great way to drive audience attention and makes it really easy to explain complex concepts effortlessly and engagingly. Around 95% of the customers say that explainer videos help them to understand better and learn the product/service. 

Due to its many benefits, organizations are placing the best explainer video on their website home page, social media platforms, product page, etc. As the demand for animated videos is increasing, therefore, it is becoming challenging to keep the video stand out from the rest. 

Are you also going through the same hassle? Here are some of the golden rules that will help you create a trending animated video. 

But before we jump onto the tips, let’s know some types of explainer videos that you can create for your business. It includes-

  • Whiteboard animation video
  • 2D character animation video
  • Screencast explainer video
  • Live-action explainer video
  • Motion graphics video
  • Kinetic typography

No matter which video type you choose, there are few things that you must consider to get your video trending. 

Let’s have a look….

Tips to get stunning explainer video in trending 

Let’s begin…. 

Create videos for the target audience 

To get your video in the top searches, you need to know your intended internet group. Creating video for all will get zero results because the video for all is the video for none. You need to be particular about the group you are targeting. This way, you can better assist the group and resolve their queries by sharing a quality explainer video. 

Once you know who will be watching your content, then you can share the right solution to sort things much more effectively. All this information will help you grab the attention of watchers and keep your video in the top searches of Google.  

Brainstorm to get new ideas

Besides creating your video for your target group, you need to be very careful while doing research. To get the video out of the box, you need to understand what your audience is actually looking for. By creating video content that is dependent on the reactions of the audience, then you can easily make people understand what you are trying to explain. 

After doing a good brainstorming session, you will surely come up with unique ideas that will surely hold the audience on your video for longer. The more people love your video, the higher the chances of being in the trending category. 

Use fun, simple and engaging content 

Another tip that will surely help you generate good results is by creating content that is both inspiring, simple, and humorous at the same time. By composing convincing content, you can easily attract visitors to your website and can build strong relations with the customers. 

When it comes to creating the best explainer video for your business, try to share your thoughts in brief because people love short videos that cover informative content. You can create an explainer video of max 2 minutes long. So, consider making it as small as possible because short videos have more chances to get in the top searches of Google. 

Get expert voiceover 

Voiceover plays an important role in making your explainer video extraordinarily appealing. No matter how powerful your video script is, if its voiceover is not recorded professionally, then you might not get the desired results. To make the video more reliable, you can hire the best professional actor. 

If you don’t want to outsource the voiceover services, you can also make your own voice with voice recording programming and amplifiers. So, make sure whatever option you choose, the voiceover of your video should be both clear and professional because the quality of voiceover is directly proportional to the video trending. 

Clarify your objective

If you want your explainer video to be successful, you need to define your goal before you proceed with it. Or if I say what you need to achieve from the explainer video. It would be best if you did not ignore this tip as it is one of the most important parts of your animated video production

Say if you don’t decide this henceforth, then you might not get a video that owns the power to create brand awareness and generate leads. Once you have a clear understanding of your objective, then you can easily strategize things and create more informative videos. 

Optimize your video 

To rank your video higher on Google and get it trending, then you need to ensure that the video you create is highly optimized or not. For this, you need to discover the most common phrases with the highest search volume. Once you keep your video title identified with your brand, then you can see a good number of clicks on it. 

In Fact, it might take a lot of time and effort, but once it is done properly, then you can easily create a video that everyone aims to watch. Another thing that can help you in better optimizing your video is adding the title descriptions and excellent thumbnail. Moreover, you can also add subtitles to make it more feasible. Always remember, better the optimization, the higher the traffic, and the more conversions. 

Remember to promote 

Creating quality video is one thing and promoting it in the right way is something that makes your video at the top of the trending list. To improve its ranking, you can leverage social platforms to the fullest. Like you can share engaging animated videos on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, etc. 

Around 90% of your target audience is on social media. So, the chances to create a strong impact on the audience increases. So, make sure you create a proper strategy to promote videos on social media networks. 

Evaluate video performance

Last but not least, a tip that can help you in getting more views of your explainer video is by measuring the explainer video’s effectiveness. This tip will assist you to better understand whether your video needs improvement or not. Once you keep advancing your content and representing it in the way your audience needs, it will surely get more shares. More the shares, the faster your video gets viral. 

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The Final Say 

Creating a viral explainer video is not rocket science. If you follow the right strategy and keep a few things in mind, then you can avail yourself of tons of benefits from the explainer video. Hopefully, the above checklist will help you in achieving your goals and be on the top list of people. 

Still, if you have any confusion, or want to share something more, use the comments section below. 



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