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how to add a calendar in outlook

You will learn how to add a calendar in outlook MS Outlook is a personal data organizer that Microsoft launched in 1997. The MS Office suite was afterward incorporated and is largely an email client.

MS Outlook is a personal data organizer that Microsoft launched in 1997. The MS Office suite was afterward incorporated and is largely an email client. One of the major advantages of adopting MS Outlook is that it can serve as both an independent program and a multi-user software program. It can be used by a person as an email client-server and also by an organization that needs common functionality like a mailbox, calendar, appointments, etc.


The application was first merely added as part of the Office suite that could be installed on a computer system. Later on, several further versions were produced, making Outlook mobile phone, laptop, and other Android and Mac devices compatible.

Functions of MS Outlook 

However, the main functionalities of MS Outlook have been outlined below:

  • It makes communication easy and emails are only a click away. These emails can be added with different attachments in different forms
  • Since it is an application organizing and managing, it offers tools for the organization of appointments and meetings with outlook calendars and recalls for them.
  • All messages sent or received can be tracked easily if the program has the right parameters applied.
  • For organizations, team-building activities with Outlook are straightforward. You can quickly share and work with other team or group members
  • Similar emails are automatically connected to form an e-mail thread.

Features of MS Outlook

  1.  Email programmer

Outlook allows users to schedule emails. This tool allows you to plan e-mails that are helpful every week! Planning the delivery of an EMail allows you to write it when the issue is fresh and ensure that it is in the box of your receiver at the right moment. This feature is a complete change of the game.

  1. Rules of the mailbox 

Outlook enables users to establish mailbox rules that will sort their emails automatically. You can designate where to go for an email from a certain sender. Do you want each sender’s email to be in a certain folder? Do you want to send emails from a spam account to your rubbish folder?  You can also set up a rule to automatically choose or forward emails from a specified sender or subject line to another member of your team.

  1. Sharing Calendar

You can share your calendar with your colleagues from Outlook. This saves planning meetings a lot of time. You can merely check your calendar instead of traveling back and forth to find out their availability via email.

  1.  Access offline

There are various email clients or the design of our PC email program. In addition, they all have some distinctive and sophisticated traits that set them apart from the competition. MS Outlook allows you to access your emails even if you do not have an internet connection. As a result, MS Outlook preserves your system data. It keeps data in the.PST extension folder whereas just individual emails are stored for calendars and contacts in.MSG and vCal Vcard correspondingly.

  1. Convenient for PC users

The brains of human beings are sluggish. Nobody wants to repeat the same thing and use extra energy. You need to browse chrome and load the Gmail site to check emails. Nor do you receive any notice (if you do not enable it). So it’s too taxing for any PC user who has a huge email task. But with MS Outlook, while conducting your job, you can open it in the background and receive auto-notice in Outlook much like in Gmail for mobile phones. MS Outlook is, therefore, the ideal solution for desktop users and a part of MS Office that simplifies all tasks.

How to Add a calendar shared within the organization in Outlook?

So, well after knowing the functions and features of MS outlook, let’s have a look at one of its most important functions-Adding a Calendar. 

  • One-click integration with Outlook is possible when a calendar is shared among members of the same company. To accept the offer to share, simply open the sharing invitation that your colleague sent you and click on the Accept button at the top of the page to confirm your acceptance of the offer.


  • The calendar will display in your Outlook under the Shared Calendars category. 

How to add an Internet calendar in the outlook?

The use of public calendars can be beneficial in situations when you have an ICS link to a calendar that someone else has published publicly. By subscribing to that public calendar, one can view it in your Outlook and get all changes continuously. Here’s how it’s done. 

  • Open the Outlook calendar on your computer.
  • On the Home tab, under the Manage Calendars group, select Add Calendar > From Internet from the drop-down menu.
  • Paste the following iCalendar URL, which ends in.ics, into the New Internet Calendar Subscription dialogue box. 
  • It will prompt you to confirm that you want to add this Internet Calendar to your Outlook calendar and that you want to receive updates. Click on yes to import the calendar with the default parameters, which are often satisfactory, or Advanced to create customized parameters. 
  • It will take a few moments for the Internet calendar to display in your Outlook under the Other Calendars category. 



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